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Youngmin Seo

Youngmin Seo, PhD
Department of Constructional Disaster Prevention Engineering,
Kyungpook National University, Korea

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Dr. Youngmin Seo is currently working as an Adjunct Professor in Department of Constructional Disaster Prevention Engineering at Kyungpook National University in South Korea. Prior to this, Dr. Seo was a researcher in Research Institute of Disaster Prevention at Yeungnam University, DaeGyeong Water Forum (DGWF) and International Hydrologic Environmental Society (IHES). Dr. Seo worked as an Adjunct Professor in Department of Railroad and Civil Engineering at Dongyang University and Department of Civil Engineering at Yeungnam University College in South Korea. Dr. Seo received his B.Sc, (Civil Engineering), M.Sc. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering), and Ph.D. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering) from Yeungnam University in South Korea. The research area of Dr. Seo involves geostatistical prediction and simulation, artificial intelligence and soft computing, risk analysis and uncertainty assessment, water resources management, time series analysis, hydrometeorology, statistical and stochastic hydrology.

Research Interest

Dr. Seo’s research interests include:

  • Prediction and simulation problems in the spatial distribution of climate and environmental variables
  • Rainfall-runoff modeling and river flow forecasting using artificial intelligence and soft computing
  • Development of hybrid models combining artificial intelligence models and statistical models


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