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ArchiveJBRHD/currentissue-journal-of-blood-research-and-hematologic-diseases.php Journal of Blood Research & Hematologic Diseases Volume 6 , issue 3 ?article_id=15721 A Bone Marrow Transplant is a Scientific Remedy ?article_id=15720 Bleeding disorders can reason atypical bleeding both outdoor ?article_id=15719 The Circulatory Machine is Made Up of Blood Vessels That Carry Blood Away ?article_id=15717 Transfusion Remedy is The Branch of Medication That Encompasses ?article_id=15716 Blood vessels may be tiny however they cowl a lot of ground ArchiveJNPGT/currentissue-nuclear-energy-science-power-generation-technology.php Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology Volume 5, Issue 4 ?article_id=15663 Macro economics ?article_id=15662 Logistics management ?article_id=15661 Trading In Economics ?article_id=15660 Estimation Theory ?article_id=15659 Financial Economics ArchiveJPTR/currentissue-journal-physiotherapy-rehabilitation.php Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation volume 5 and issue 5 peer-review/traumatic-brain-injury-K28Y.php?article_id=15648 Traumatic Brain Injury Diego Vergani ArchiveAT/currentissue-archives-transplantation.php Archives of Transplantation Volume 5, Issue 3 ?article_id=15575 Type of Surgeon Tatsuya Kin ?article_id=15574 Types of Heart Surgeries Types of Heart Surgeries ?article_id=15573 Organ Transplantation and Rejection Paola Pontrelli ?article_id=15571 Health Science Sanem Cimen ?article_id=15568 Dermatologist Sahar Foad Ghannam ArchiveJGGT/currentissue-journal-genetics-gene-therapy.php Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy Volume 5 , Issue 1 ?article_id=15549 Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers with necrotizing fasciitis in the lower leg using the STAGE principles Xu Sun ArchiveRRPY/currentissue-research-and-reviews-psychology.php Research and Reviews in Psychology Volume 2, Issue 2 ?article_id=15521 A Review of Mental Health Responses to Pandemics Anandhi Narasimhan ?article_id=15520 Validation of the Nio Jess Hospital procedural analgesia scale under deep analgesia and sedation Dr. David Lozano Díaz ?article_id=15519 Mortality and morbidity in communityacquired sepsis in European pediatric intensive care units a prospective cohort study from the European Childhood Lifethreatening Infectious Disease Study EUCLIDS Dr. Navin P. Boeddha ?article_id=15517 The Electroactive Signal for the Tau Peptide Neuromolecular Imaging NMI A LIVE Nanotechnology for Alzheimer Parkinson and Epilepsy Disease Dr. Prof. Patricia A. Broderick ?article_id=15516 Personality disorders who are we Dr Soumya Sree Tangirala ?article_id=15502 Announcement Pediatrics 2021 ArchiveJBHM/currentissue-business-hotel-management.php Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 7 and Issue 3 ?article_id=15469 Managing Radical Change in Entrepreneurship EducationAdoption of Innovative and Effective Pedagogy used inTeaching Entrepreneurship Shesadev Nayak ?article_id=15468 International Awareness of Technology andEntrepreneurship Sairamya Kurapati ?article_id=15467 Global Entrepreneurship And Business Management Rui Carvalho ?article_id=15466 Is Big Data safe for knowledge management Manea-Tonis ?article_id=15465 The American University in Cairo School of GlobalAffairs and Public Policy Radu Bucea ?article_id=15463 Market Analysis Business Management Sarah ArchiveJSDTC/currentissue-sleep-disorders-treatment-care.php Journal of Sleep Disorders: Treatment and Care Volume 10 , Issue 5 peer-review/visuals-of-upper-respiratory-tract-during-physiological-sleep-EkdW.php?article_id=15447 Visuals of Upper Respiratory Tract during Physiological Sleep Ramineni Sharath peer-review/sleep-apnea-and-relation-of-breathing-disorder-igy1.php?article_id=15445 Sleep Apnea and Relation of Breathing Disorder Rathod Aruna peer-review/effects-of-caffeine-intake-on-sleep-before-going-to-bed-wYbB.php?article_id=15444 Effects of Caffeine Intake on Sleep before Going to Bed Pulangiri Sirisha peer-review/insomnia-in-the-elderly-changes-in-sleep-with-aging-A3mc.php?article_id=15443 Insomnia in the Elderly Changes in Sleep with Aging Gogula Vaishnavi peer-review/pharyngoplasty-uses-in-the-treatment-of-sleep-apnea-VtQa.php?article_id=15442 Pharyngoplasty uses in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea Shabad Harika* ArchiveJSPH/currentissue-journal-soil-science-plant-health.php Journal of Soil Science & Plant Health Volume 5, Issue 5 ?article_id=15437 Biodiversity Help in Soil Formation Xiuping Liu  ?article_id=15434 Benefits for Plant Adaptations Theresa Mercer  ?article_id=15430 Benefits of Biomass Daniela Dimovska   ?article_id=15428 Description of Efficiency of a Plant Hui-ling(sunny) Liao  ?article_id=15427 Main Source of Nutrition for Plants Naoufal Lakhssassi ArchiveJCEOG/currentissue-clinical-experimental-oncology.php Journal of Clinical & Experimental Oncology Volume 10, Issue 5 ?article_id=15414 Careful oncologists care for patients of any age with tumors and normal or straightforward malignancies Aaron Coinneach ?article_id=15413 A few diseases can cause long haul aggravation in a piece of the body Aaron Coinneach ?article_id=15412 A neurooncologist is prepared to deal with the patients experiencing cerebrum tumor Apolline ?article_id=15411 Cytogenetic includes testing tests of tissue blood or bone marrow in a research facility Apolline ?article_id=15410 Adenocarcinoma can be viewed as moderate developing relying upon the disease requires metastasizing Aaron Coinneach ArchiveCICR/currentissue-clinical-images-case-reports.php Journal of Clinical Images and Case Reports Volume 5 Issue 5 peer-review/an-iatrogenic-pneumatocele-FCnS.php?article_id=15409 An Iatrogenic Pneumatocele Hasnain Bawaadam MD peer-review/breast-elastography--a-diagnostic-breast-imaging-pfmP.php?article_id=15408 Breast Elastography A Diagnostic Breast Imaging Pucha Jiang peer-review/brain-abscess-a-brief-overview-rYQa.php?article_id=15407 Brain Abscess A Brief Overview Biswadev Bishayi peer-review/diagnosis-of-arachnoid-imaging-cyst-RM2B.php?article_id=15406 Diagnosis of Arachnoid Imaging Cyst Kamaya Kashihara peer-review/a-brief-note-on-alzheimers-disease-in-brain-imaging-T8UZ.php?article_id=15405 A Brief Note on Alzheimers Disease in Brain Imaging Wanda P. Almeida ArchiveJABCB/currentissue-applied-bioinformatics-computational-biology.php Journal of Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Volume 10, Issue 5 peer-review/an-algorithmic-approaches-in--computational-biology-kQER.php?article_id=15431 An Algorithmic Approaches In Computational Biology Gowthami Bainaboina* peer-review/an-overview-0f-characteristics--of-sarscov2-and-covid19--and-therefore-the-proximal--origin-of-sarscov2-1qNW.php?article_id=15429 An Overview 0f Characteristics of SARSCov2 And COVID19 And Therefore the Proximal Origin of SARSCov2 Akhila Sabbineni* peer-review/noncovalent-interactions--structural-analysis-in-cyclin-dependent-kinase-complex-Uwsv.php?article_id=15424 Noncovalent Interactions Structural Analysis In cyclin dependent kinase complex Navyasree Nuthalapati* peer-review/allele-frequency-associated-with-dhfr-and-dhps-genes-obtained-from-plasmodium-vivax-in-anambara-state-nigeria-qLnx.php?article_id=15404 Allele Frequency Associated With Dhfr And Dhps Genes Obtained From Plasmodium vivax In Anambara State Nigeria Isaac Okezie Godwin1 , Ifeoma Mercy Ekejindu1 , George Uchenna Eleje2 , Alfred Friday Ehiaghe1 , Bright Chukwuebuka Unaeze1 and George Oche Ambrose3 * peer-review/neglected-disdb-a-broad--internet-framework-for--gathering-and-analysing-data--from-neglected-diseases-BGFx.php?article_id=15399 Neglected Disdb A Broad Internet Framework for Gathering And Analysing Data From Neglected Diseases Venu Paritala*, Rajashekhar Reddy S and Sukesh Kalva ArchiveJVA/currentissue-virology-antiviral-research.php Journal of Virology & Antiviral Research Volume 10 Issue 3 peer-review/a-brief-note-on-virus-infections-and-interferons-1Dr2.php?article_id=15395 A Brief Note on Virus Infections and Interferons Hossein Bannazadeh Baghi peer-review/viral-respiratory-infection-pathogenesis-RDFz.php?article_id=15394 Viral Respiratory Infection Pathogenesis Sarah Lebeer peer-review/review-of-ebola-virus-in--africa-trHw.php?article_id=15393 Review of Ebola Virus in Africa Kristian Andersen peer-review/impact-of-corona-virus-on--mental-health-Uvyz.php?article_id=15392 Impact of Corona Virus on Mental Health Guanghui Deng peer-review/causes-of-yellow-fever-spread-8vnX.php?article_id=15391 Causes of Yellow Fever Spread Charlotte Martin * ArchiveJBMT/currentissue-journal-bioengineering-medical-technology.php Journal of Bioengineering and Medical Technology Volume 2, Issue 3 ?article_id=15387 Visually Guided Horizontal Saccades under the DoubleStep Paradigm Xiu Zhai and John D Enderle ?article_id=15385 Speech Signal Analysis as an Alternative to Spirometry in Asthma Diagnosis Kutor John ?article_id=15382 Neuroprotective Effects of Pine Bark and Aloe vera on the Locomotor Activity in Focal Cerebral Ischemia Possible Antioxidant Mechanisms Shima Eftekhar ?article_id=15377 Flow Dynamics and Wall Shear Stresses in a Bifurcated Femoral Artery Ravigururajan TS ?article_id=15376 CuttingEdge Robotic Intravenous Pole Preliminary Design and Survey in Academic Medical Center in Lebanon Amira J. Zaylaa   ArchiveCOCR/currentissue-clinical-oncology-case-reports.php Clinical Oncology: Case Reports Volume 4, Issue 5 ?article_id=15686 A Case Report of a Patient with Metastatic Uveal Melanoma who Experienced a Complete Response to Treatment with the NIVO3IPI1 Regimen Schiza A, Naeser Y, Sundin A and Ullenhag G ?article_id=15656 Cecal Cancer Metastatic to Breast Ness Abigail, Tamar Virtelle Lan Walker and Berrocal, Julian ?article_id=15655 A Rare Case of Nodular Lymphocyte Predominance Hodgkins Lymphoma of the Parotid Gland Diagnostic Pitfall in Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Mohammad Javad Ashraf, Ahmad Monabati, Negar Taheri and Bijan Khademi ?article_id=15654 Hepatic Chemoperfusion A Comparison between Old and New Generation Filters in Patients Affected by Liver Metastasis from Melanoma Pier Francesco Ferrucci, Emilia Cocorocchio, Paolo della Vigna, Guido Bonomo and Franco Orsi ?article_id=15370 When Bone Lesions Scream For LeukemiaA Paradigmatic Case Francesco Venturelli, Michelangelo Baldazzi, Fraia Melchionda, Daniele Zama, Arcangelo Prete and Andrea Pession ArchiveAGM/currentissue-aging-geriatric-medicine.php Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine Volume 5 Issue 4 ?article_id=15346 Agingassociated disease Emmanuel Andres ?article_id=15345 Biology of Aging Mladen Davidovic ?article_id=15344 Healthy Ageing Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Harvey L Sterns ?article_id=15343 Aging The Biology of Science Howard A Palley ?article_id=15342 Behavioral Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Richard Schulz ArchiveJPSED/currentissue-pharmaceutical-sciences-emerging-drugs.php Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Emerging Drugs Volume 9, Issue 5 ?article_id=15340 Nanotechnology Ryong Nam Kim ?article_id=15338 Analytical Chemistry Sarah Snelling ?article_id=15337 Pharmacokinetics Qing C Chen ?article_id=15336 Biopharmaceutics Ryong Nam Kim ?article_id=15335 Biotechnology Maria A Arruda ArchiveJTSDT/currentissue-traumatic-stress-disorders-treatment.php Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment Volume 10 Issue 5 peer-review/coping-with-racial-trauma-bjaC.php?article_id=15420 Coping with Racial Trauma peer-review/covid-stress-syndrome-the--pandemic-is-affecting-mental--health-of-the-individuals-RFKH.php?article_id=15417 COVID Stress Syndrome The Pandemic is Affecting Mental Health of The Individuals peer-review/depression-in-postpartum-women-O534.php?article_id=15416 Depression in Postpartum Women Annika L. Walker peer-review/stress-impact-of-covid19-in-patients-with-spinal-cord-injury-O2kB.php?article_id=15415 Stress Impact of Covid19 in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury Gabriella Fizzotti peer-review/unintentional-killing-a-neglected-trauma-fpJF.php?article_id=15289 Unintentional Killing A Neglected Trauma Maryann J. Gray* ArchiveJFTTE/currentissue-fashion-technology-textile-engineering.php Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering Volume 9 Issue 5 ?article_id=15508 Fashion technology and Textile Engineering Current Perspective Erik Hansen-Hansen ?article_id=15375 Indian Fashion Art and Culture Deepak Malhotra ?article_id=15358 Impact of Peer Pressure in Fashion on Adolescents DRISHTI SATSANGI ?article_id=15281 Ageing effect on different LDPE films used as warm house cover Djakhdane Khaled ArchiveLPMA/currentissue-la-prensa-medica.php La Prensa Medica Vol 107 Issue No 4 ?article_id=15293 A survey to assess the use of manual hyperinflation by physiotherapists in intensive care units Anum Salman Surani ?article_id=15280 Using simulation as strategy for teaching end of life care in palliative care course in under graduate nursing program Akusoanm Zohra Kurji Aga Khan ?article_id=15278 A clinical audit aimed at optimizing pain assessment in resident cancer patients in a Sri Lankan oncology setting Reflection on the experience Fernando G V M Chamath ?article_id=15277 End of life care and family issues and their concerned at palliative care at bhaktapur cancer hospital Chadani Vaidya, Roshan Prajapati ?article_id=15276 An operational research on palliative care in a district of central Kerala Vidya K R, Mathews Numpeli, M K Kuttappan ArchiveECDR/currentissue-endocrinology-and-diabetes-research.php Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Volume 7, Issue 5 ?article_id=15403 Knowledge of Insulin Practices in Adult Diabetic Patients A Cross Sectional SurveyBased Study in a Specialized Diabetic Center of a Tertiary Care Hospital Arsalan Nawaz, Muhammad Adnan Hasham, Amna Rizvi, Mehwish Iftikhar, Awais Muhammad Butt, Khushroo Minhas ?article_id=15214 Environmental Modulation of the Endocrine System Effects on Metabolism and Growth Watson Karen ?article_id=15213 Covid19 Diseases Risk and Risk Factor in Adult in Diabetesa Cohort Study of Scotlands Entire Populations Joseph burg ?article_id=15212 Diabetic trends in patients with mellitus Elizabeth Noor ?article_id=15211 Basal Metabolic Rate Andrews Belen ArchiveJPSED/currentissue-pharmaceutical-sciences-emerging-drugs.php Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Emerging Drugs Volume 9, Issue 4 peer-review/pharmacovigelence-4gXT.php?article_id=15190 Pharmacovigelence Gerald Tan peer-review/pharmacoepidemiology-5Dg0.php?article_id=15187 Pharmacoepidemiology Mark Griffiths peer-review/pharmacotoxicology-UaIM.php?article_id=15186 Pharmacognosy Assaf peer-review/medicanal-chemistry-B7YK.php?article_id=15184 Medicanal chemistry Ryong Nam Kim peer-review/pharmacology-6idJ.php?article_id=15179 Pharmacology Angel Jessica ArchiveJGDGR/currentissue-genetic-disorders-genetic-reports.php Journal of Genetic Disorders & Genetic Reports Volume 10, Issue 4 ?article_id=15141 Glycobiology ?article_id=15139 Gene therapy ?article_id=15137 Congenital anomalies ?article_id=15136 Understanding Genes and Chromosomes ?article_id=15116 Downsyndrome ArchiveJABTR/currentissue-addictive-behaviors-therapy-rehabilitation.php Journal of Addictive Behaviors,Therapy & Rehabilitation Volume 10 Issue 4 ?article_id=15269 Pattern of Alcohol consumption in India John George ?article_id=15266 Smoking and Increase in COVID19 Risk John George ?article_id=15265 A warm welcome to participate as Editor for Journal of Addictive Behaviors Therapy and Rehabilitation John George ?article_id=15264 A Warm Welcome to Participate as Reviewer for Journal of Addictive Behaviors Therapyand Rehabilitation John George ?article_id=15091 Pattern of Adolescent Substance Abuse among Secondary School Students in Umuahia South Eastern Nigeria Ibeneme CA, Nwala Gabriel Chuks*, Ojinnaka Ngozi Chinyelu ArchiveDHCR/currentissue-dental-health-current-research.php Dental Health: Current Research Volume 7, Issue 4 ?article_id=15147 Case Report on Mandibular Second Molar with Two Mesial Roots Shohreh Ravanshad ?article_id=15119 NonSurgical Endodontic Treatment of ExtraOral Cutaneous Sinus Tract Duaa Aboalsamh ?article_id=15094 CaOH2 Apexification of Pulp Necroses of the Permanent Incisors in a Case of XLinked Hypophosphataemic Ricketsthe 60Month CheckUp Jaesik Lee ?article_id=15092 Dental Self Treatment Samuel A. Nigro ?article_id=15090 Benefits of using Ozone Gas and Water Carol Wells ArchiveJFTTE/currentissue-fashion-technology-textile-engineering.php Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering volume 9 issue 4 ?article_id=15111 Lingerie Secret Styles Amalgamated With Pink City Sukanya Kandarkar ?article_id=15107 A Perspective of Publicizing Fashion Technology and Textile Engineering Chris White ?article_id=15089 Evolving Islamic Styles of Dressing in the Punjab Pakistan Ghulam Abbas, Associate Professor ?article_id=15067 A Study on Comparative Hand Behaviour of Fabrics Produced from Different Natural and Manmade Fibers Mukesh Kumar Singh ?article_id=15066 Study on the materials accessories used in Protective Gears for bikers and selection of material there of using Finite Element Analysis A review   K Phebe Aaron, K Krishnaraj, D Suresh Kumar and P Madhushankar ArchiveRRM/currentissue-mathematics-journal.php Research and Reports on Mathematics volume 5 Issue 3 peer-review/international-conference-on-cloud-computing-and-virtualization-49VF.php?article_id=15050 International conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization The perspective of the Cloud Computing Conference is to set up Cloud research to help people understand how treatment techniques have advanced and how the field has developed in recent years. With members from around the world focused on Cloud Computing and Virtualization this is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participa peer-review/quantum-physics-and-nuclear-engineering-5vN6.php?article_id=15049 Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering The conference brings together researchers working on mathematical foundations of quantum physics, quantum computing, and related areas, with a focus on structural perspectives and the use of logical tools, ordered algebraic and category-theoretic structures, formal languages, semantically methods, and other computer science techniques applied t ?article_id=15048 International Summit on International Conference on Automation and Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence webinar: it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the international conference on automation and artificial intelligence which is an online webinar which will take place during 21-22 may 2020. The dedicated webinar theme is: innovations and advancements in automation and artificial intelligence. The webina peer-review/execution-of-research-innovation-and-ideas-of-material-science-and-engineering-CzZp.php?article_id=15047 Execution of Research Innovation and Ideas of Material Science and Engineering After gaining as awfully favourable outcome out of the past conference within the Materials Science cognition, CPD accredited- International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Engineering. Cognition takes all the pride in saying the future Conference within the productive series of Materials Congress 2020. Materials Congress 2020 - The ?article_id=15045 Conference Announcement on Webinar on Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering We are pleased to welcome you to the after the successful completion of the series of Quantum Physics 2019 on July 27-28, 2020. This Quantum Physics 2020 conference will provide you with an exemplary research experience and huge ideas. The conference brings together researchers working on mathematical foundations of quantum physics, quantum comp ArchiveAGM/currentissue-aging-geriatric-medicine.php Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine Volume 5 and Issue 3 ?article_id=15034 Parkinsons disease with respect to aging ?article_id=15033 Gerontology and societal implications of aging Daniel Brian ?article_id=15031 GeriatricsFocus on health care of elderly people Steven Case ?article_id=15030 Before we give them fuzzy robots lets try solving elderly loneliness with people Hazel Parker ?article_id=15029 Aging and Patterns of Aging Arshia Khan ArchiveJBRHD/currentissue-journal-of-blood-research-and-hematologic-diseases.php Journal of Blood Research & Hematologic Diseases Volume 6 Issue 2 ?article_id=14974 Prologue to a SurveyArrangement on Uncommon Fundamental Hematologic Problems John M. Bennett ?article_id=14973 Prologue to a Survey Arrangement on Treatment of Venous Thrombotic Messes Teresa Sadras ?article_id=14972 Prologue to a Survey Arrangement on Comprehension and Treating Essential Immunodeficiency Umberto Vitolo ?article_id=14965 Prologue to a How I Treat Arrangement on Significant Complexities after Allogeneic Undifferentiated Cell Transplantation Umberto Vitolo ?article_id=14953 Prologue to a Survey Arrangement on Treatment of Venous Thrombotic Messes Teresa Sadras ArchiveJMBM/currentissue-journal-molecular-biology-methods.php Journal of Molecular Biology and Methods Volume 4 Issue 2 ?article_id=14961 Life with Molecular Biology and Mechanism of DNA and RNA Francois Xavier Claret ?article_id=14955 Life with Immunology and Medicinal Sciences Suleyman Aydin ?article_id=14947 Analysis of Cell synthesis in Molecular Biology Gottfried Baier ?article_id=14944 Advancements in Biochemistryand its Methods  Francois Xavier Claret ?article_id=14943 Implementation of Developmental Biophysics in Sciences Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar ArchiveAT/currentissue-archives-transplantation.php Archives of Transplantation Volume 5, Issue 2 ?article_id=14887 Types of Organ and Tissues that can be Donated for Transplantation Satoru Osaki ?article_id=14884 Rules on Organ and Tissue Donation Satoshi Teraoka ?article_id=14882 Organ and Tissue Donation Albert J Eid ?article_id=14878 Organ Donation Ali Cyrus Banan ?article_id=14872 Living Organ Donation Balamurugan N Appakalai ArchiveDHCR/currentissue-dental-health-current-research.php Dental Health: Current Research Volume 7, Issue 3 ?article_id=14863 Role of Herpes viruses in Chronic periodontitis A short review Mohammad Mukhit Kazi, Asawari A Shidhore ?article_id=14861 A New Approach to Root Debridement Millimeter and Furcation Specific Periodontal Files Henriques PSG, Rua Hilário Magro Jr ?article_id=14859 Ethical Concerns in Dental Surgery Rezaee Hassanabadi VR ?article_id=14858 To Assess Variation in Buccal Bone Thickness and Height of the Alveolar Bone as a Result of Transverse Dimensional Changes in Maxillary Arch in Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment with Passive Selfligating Bracket System using Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Images Vandana S ?article_id=14857 Association between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease Gurman Mallhi ArchiveJBHM/currentissue-business-hotel-management.php Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 7 and Issue 2 ?article_id=14804 THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON CONCERNED ABOUT USING VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGIES TO SUPPORT PERSONAL HEALTH CARE DURING THE COVID19 PANDEMIC Joyce Pittman ?article_id=14796 The Consequences for Tourism Management Dennis Minoru ?article_id=14794 Sustainable Tourism Marta Adrover perello ?article_id=14792 Strannik is the first medical technology to incorporate an understanding of how the brain regulates the bodys function Graham Wilfred Ewing ?article_id=14791 Hertfordshire diabetes education a step closer to integration of diabetes care Ana Pokrajac ?article_id=14790 Medical Tourism is exemplary for the resilience Rudrarup Gupta ?article_id=14787 Market Analysis Business Management Sarah Eve ArchiveJPSA/currentissue-polymer-science-applications.php Journal of Polymer Science & Applications Volume 5 issue 2 ?article_id=14770 Hydrogen Properties Uses Facts Manish Kumar ?article_id=14769 American Lithium and Cobalt Corporation Satoshi Utsu ?article_id=14768 Biomass Abundant Resources for Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Material Xiumin Li ?article_id=14758 Coordination Polymers with Nucleobases Mohmmed Ting ?article_id=14757 Corrosion Inhibitors in the Oilfield Kallweit Yu ArchiveLPMA/currentissue-la-prensa-medica.php La Prensa Medica Vol 107 Issue No 3 ?article_id=14741 Transmission of Rhinovirus infection highly influenced by immune system related genetic polymorphisms Ana Filipa Maia Rodrigues, AM. Santos, R. Marino, AM. Ferreira, ME. Barreira and JM. Cabeda ?article_id=14740 Advancement in healthcare for women Usha Dane ?article_id=14739 The major public health issue Presence of Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis in drinking and unfit water of Porto geographical area detected by quantitative PCR Amelia Sarmento, Telma Sousa, Jose Cabeda, Cristina Abreu and Conceicao Manso ?article_id=14738 Expenses from out of pocket on health induced by elderly persons living in rural area for insurance programme Vineet Kumar Pathak ?article_id=14737 The effect of high fidelity simulation methods on nursing students Hulya Kocyigit ArchiveRRMT/currentissue-metals-research.php Research and Reports on Metals 5 and 1 ?article_id=14673 Conference Announcement onSmart Robotics 2021 ?article_id=14671 The BK System SolitonDynamics in media with WaveField Stochastic Fluctuationstheory and applications Vasily Yu. Belashov   ?article_id=14670 Intelligent Classifier of Patternsfor celestial bodies using a Twodimensionalapproach Raul Jimenez Cruz   ?article_id=14669 Application of unusualproperties of low levellaser radiation for transferinformation from medicine topatients body in the therapy ofpatients with some viral diseases Naylya Djumaeva   ?article_id=14667 The Analytic Expressions forthe proton charge radius theproton to electron mass ratioand the elementary particlesWirkungs quantum Emmanuel Saucedo-Flores   ArchiveJPPP/currentissue-plant-physiology-pathology.php Journal of Plant Physiology & Pathology Volume 9 Issue 3 ?article_id=14706 Treatment Strategies of Chemotherapy Hua Lu ?article_id=14705 Cellular Science Analytical and Technological Advancements Jung-Youn Lee ?article_id=14703 Molecular Genetics Study Models and their Relevance in Hereditary Screening R ?article_id=14657 Using a Convolutional Neural Network to Diagnose Common Diseases in Oryza Sativa Grace Zhang ?article_id=14655 Effects of Drought Stress on Morphological Physiological Traits of Wheat Triticum Aestivum L Cultivars in Pakistan Zeeshan Ahmed Solangi1, Qurban Ali2*, Zahoor Ahmed Soomro1, Muhamad Hamza Saleem3 Taj Muhammad Rattar4, Shabana Memon1, Amjad Hussain5, Agha Mushtaque Ahmed6, Tahmina Shar1, Aafaque Ahmed Keerio1, Shakeelan Bano ArchiveAGM/currentissue-aging-geriatric-medicine.php Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine Volume 5 and Issue 2 ?article_id=14530 Physical AndvFinancial Abuse In The Elderly Population In Manisa Turkey Cengiz Ozyurt ?article_id=14529 Feasibility of Utilizing Amplified Hearing Devices in Acute Care Settings for Patients with Hearing Loss Amber Kimball ?article_id=14528 Does Living Arrangement Determine Mental Health Profile among the Elderly An Anthropological Study in West Bengal India Barun Mukhopadhyay ?article_id=14527 Correlation between Insulinlike Growth Factor1 IGF1 and Serum Albumin Levels of Elderly Malnourished Patients Siti Setiati, Roza Mulyana ?article_id=14525 Agerelated left ventricular diastolic dysfunction is associated withleukocyte telomere length Plokhova E ArchiveLPMA/currentissue-la-prensa-medica.php La Prensa Medica Volume 107 Issue 2 ?article_id=14505 Investigating the Relationship between SelfCompassion and Occupational Stress of Nurses Working In Hospitals Affiliated To Tehran University of Medical Sciences In 2017 Shahaboddin Atharyan ?article_id=14504 The Pregnancy Outcomes Comparison on Natural or Controlled Ovarian Stimulation Cycles in Intrauterine Insemination Treatment An Analysis of 8893 Cycles Jinyong Liu ?article_id=14503 Physical I At Disabled People with a Late Lesion Musculoskeletal System Goltsov AV  ?article_id=14501 Gastric and Esophageal Duplication in Pediatric Patients Case Report Bucio VM ?article_id=14495 Factors Influencing Physical Activity Patterns in Obese NonObese Children Result from OBEYAD Study Lorenzoni G ArchiveAGCR/currentissue-andrology-gynecology-current-research.php Andrology & Gynecology: Current Research Recent Research and Review on Andrology and Gynaecology ?article_id=14498 Prophylactic riskreducing salpingooophorectomy in women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations A systematic review and metaanalysis George U Eleje ?article_id=14494 Effects of maternal education intervention based on the selfefficacy theory and health literacy on birth weight Nooshin Peyman ?article_id=14493 Longer travel time to district hospital worsens neonatal outcomes A retrospective crosssectional study of the effect of delays in receiving emergency cesarean section in Rwanda Joseph Niyitegeka ?article_id=14492 A case of bilateral retinal detachment in a pregnant patient with severe preeclampsia Maria Maricar A Manuel ?article_id=14491 Category 2 caesarean section An audit Shahin Qadri ArchiveDHCR/currentissue-dental-health-current-research.php Dental Health: Current Research Volume 7, Issue 2 ?article_id=14385 Prebiotic Roles in Oral Health Andrew Symonds ?article_id=14382 Customary Medication Improvement for Clinical and Dental Essential Medical services Conveyance framework in Africa Robert.D ?article_id=14380 Saliva Its Discharge Organization and Capacities Nahita Gunj ?article_id=14379 Dental Well Being and Public Approach The Social Effect of Dental Sickness Spencer .D ?article_id=14378 Dental Health Issues in Mentally Disabled Selaro Olio ArchiveJFTTE/currentissue-fashion-technology-textile-engineering.php Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering Volume 9 Issue 2 ?article_id=14341 Research on the Improvement on the Performance of Thermal Underwear Based on the Demands of Chinese Consumers Bing Xu* and Jianhui Chen ?article_id=14340 Surface Textile Design of Polar Fleece Using Laser Engraving Technique Minnyoung Seo* and Young Seok Koo ArchiveIJT/currentissue-theranostics-international-journal.php International Journal of Theranostics Volume 2 Issue 1 ?article_id=14313 Singlecell molecular analysisreveals a novel molecular pathwayin glioblastoma John Zhong ?article_id=14312 Multimodal in vivo imaging strategies for early cancer diagnostics Tomasz S Tkaczyk ?article_id=14311 Synthesis of azetidines and pyrrolidines Towards medicinal chemistry and organocatalysis applications Antonio Feula ?article_id=14310 Microsatellite instability pathway and molecular genetics of colorectal cancer Sidra Mubasher ?article_id=14309 Biological control of early blight of tomato plant by Aspergillus piperis Samah Abd El-Kader El-Debaiky ArchiveJHHE/currentissue-hydrogeology-and-hydrologic-engineering.php Journal of Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering Volume 10, Issue 2 peer-review/isotope-hydrology-techniques-practical-tools-to-solve-water-problems-Ylkv.php?article_id=14428 Isotope Hydrology Techniques Practical Tools to Solve Water Problems Vincenzo Naddeo peer-review/how-groundwater-level-can-predict-under-the-effect-of-climate-change-by-using-artificial-neural-networks-of-narx-LvIV.php?article_id=14426 How Groundwater Level can Predict under the Effect of Climate Change by using Artificial Neural Networks of Narx Safieh Javadinejad peer-review/desalination-development-whereas-areas-with-low-water-scarcity-iDY8.php?article_id=14424 Desalination Development whereas Areas with Low Water Scarcity K W Chau peer-review/storm-water-management-model-swmm-helps-predict-runoff-quantity-and-quality-from-drainage-systems-cnAp.php?article_id=14423 Storm Water Management Model SWMM helps Predict Runoff Quantity and Quality from Drainage Systems David Steffy peer-review/evaluating-three-conventional-electrode-arrays-in-2d-electrical-resistivity-imaging-surveys-for-studying-the-sedimentary-layers-an-sPc6.php?article_id=14292 Evaluating Three Conventional Electrode Arrays in 2d Electrical Resistivity Imaging Surveys for Studying the Sedimentary Layers and the Hydrogeological Situation in Southern Iraq Ahmed Abdulameer, Jassim M Thabit, Firas H AL-Menshed Wenner and Broder Merkel ArchiveJBHM/currentissue-business-hotel-management.php Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 7 Issue1 ?article_id=14253 Prime Organizational Embellishment Rudrarup Gupta  ?article_id=14252 Development of A SYBER Green RealTime  Laxmi Kant Pandey  ?article_id=14251 analyze data on health equity can we achieve it Ana Rita Gonzalez ?article_id=14250 Personality Traits and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism Management Yekinni Ojo Bello ?article_id=14249 Announcement Editorial Anna Bink  ArchiveAGCR/currentissue-andrology-gynecology-current-research.php Andrology & Gynecology: Current Research 91 ?article_id=14881 Erectile dysfunction among Nigerian men with diabetes a systematic review Taoreed  Adegoke Azeez1*, Sheriff Olawale Ogunlayi1, Martins Ehizode Emuze1, Emmanuel Chinedu Eguzozie1. ?article_id=14879 Usefulness of intra uterine lignocaine solution for pain relief during intra uterine device application Randomized clinical trial Mervat A. Elsersy1* ?article_id=14877 Semen collection Preferences and Opinions of the Male Partner   Emily G. Hurley1*, Shannel Adams 1, Isela Robertshaw2, Julie S. Rios1 peer-review/role-of-gynecologist-in-hysterosalpingography-an-easy-test-for-evaluation-for-evaluation-of-tubal-factor-in-infertile-woman-study--udte.php?article_id=14281 Role of Gynecologist in Hysterosalpingography An Easy Test for Evaluation for Evaluation of Tubal Factor in Infertile Woman Study in a Private Diagnostic Centre Mala Banik peer-review/treatment-of-thin-endometrium-with-hysteroscopic-autologous-platelet-rich-plasma-injection-Wj5r.php?article_id=13979 Treatment of Thin Endometrium with Hysteroscopic Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Gokalp Oner ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 5 Issue 1 ?article_id=14377 COVID19 Vaccination and Ethics Rateesh Sareen ?article_id=14376 Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Ethical Challenges Rateesh Sareen ?article_id=14316 Rare Presentation of a Rare Disease Subcutaneous Emphysema due to an EndoBronchial NonHodgkins Lymphoma A Case Report Dushantha Madegedara ?article_id=14315 Physical Activity and Health Related Quality of Life in Relation to Allergic Disease among Adolescents Results from a Crosssectional Study Therese Sterner peer-review/sarcomatoid-carcinoma-in-a-filipino-patient-case-report-and-review-of-literature-Oh3u.php?article_id=13977 Sarcomatoid Carcinoma in a Filipino Patient Case Report and Review of Literature Catherine Jordan ArchiveJNPGT/currentissue-nuclear-energy-science-power-generation-technology.php Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology Volume 10, Issue 5 ?article_id=15594 Renewable Energy Yi Tang ?article_id=15593 Fossil Fuels Long Zhang ?article_id=15592 Light Water Reactor Marta Eguchi ?article_id=15353 The Technologies Set to Change the Future of Energy Helen Bell, Kudoh Brautsch ?article_id=13907 PEAKTOR A GammaRay Data Display and Analysis Software Sonia M Rada*, Samah Abd ElMegid and M. Fayez-Hassan wfw Volume 4 issue 6 peer-review/the-role-of-reduced-graphene-oxides-in-enhancing-the-mechanical-properties-of-satellite-structure-nanocomposite-materials-against--0Qgh.php?article_id=13906 The Role of Reduced Graphene Oxides in Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Satellite Structure Nanocomposite Materials against Electron Beam Ahmad Anwar*,Lina Bassiouny, Tamer Samir, Saied Abdallah, Hamdy Ashour ArchiveJFTP/currentissue-forensic-toxicology-and-pharmacology.php Journal of Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology Volume 10, Issue 1 peer-review/scientific-psychiatry-or-forensic-psychiatry-BMHX.php?article_id=14144 Scientific Psychiatry or Forensic Psychiatry Fabio Vaiano peer-review/pharmacology--its-clinical-impact-6pfk.php?article_id=14140 Pharmacology Its Clinical Impact Francesco Mari ?article_id=14138 Legal Science or computerized criminology Federica De Luca peer-review/investigation-of-failures-which-may-lead-to-legal-activity-including-both-civil-and-criminal-NAvo.php?article_id=14135 Investigation of Failures Which May Lead To Legal Activity Including both Civil and Criminal Ronald Agius peer-review/death-investigation-or-forensic-pathology-in-united-states-pnA8.php?article_id=14107 Death Investigation or Forensic Pathology in United States Elisabetta Bertol a Martina Focard peer-review/subacute-exposure-of-fipronil-induces-biochemical-and-histopathological-changes-in-the-liver-kidney-and-heart-of-male-albino-rats-h5Fz.php?article_id=13794 Subacute Exposure of Fipronil Induces Biochemical and Histopathological Changes in the Liver Kidney and Heart of Male Albino Rats EH Abdelgadir, J Al-Qudsi, Lamya N Al-Saleh and Hanan A Emara ArchiveJEEET/currentissue-electrical-engineering-electronic-technology.php Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology Volume 10, Issue 3 ?article_id=13732 Laser excitation ultrasound in light absorbing liquids imputing laser radiation through optical fiber with colloidal coating of distal tip by a single layer of transparent spheres Vladimir Bredikhin ArchiveRJCP/currentissue-research-journal-clinical-pediatrics.php Research Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Volume 4, Issue 4 ?article_id=13712 2020 Awards for ClinicalPediatrics and Child CareConference Maria Bertha Romo Almanza ?article_id=13703 Pediatrics Conference 2020 Erica Allen ?article_id=13700 Pediatric Pathology 2020 Wendy N Erber ?article_id=13693 Market Analysis for PediatricCardiology 2020 . Nosehy ZM Yousef ?article_id=13688 Young Researchers Forum Young Scientist Awards Pediatric Pathology 2020 Wendy N Erber ArchiveJNPC/currentissue-nursing-and-patient-care.php Journal of Nursing & Patient Care Volume 5, Issue 5 ?article_id=13694 Child Health and Nursing Care 2020 Gary R. Anderson ?article_id=13691 7th International Conference on Medical and Nursing EducationJuly 1718 2020 Vienna Austria AbdulQadir Nashwan ?article_id=13687 Call for Papers37th Global Nursing Care Education Miriam Stewart ?article_id=13686 Past conference report 2020 on Patient Safety Rebecca Stjernberg Bejhed ?article_id=13685 Market Analysis on Patient Safety Conference Rebecca Stjernberg Bejhed ArchiveJPSC/currentissue-plastic-cosmetic-surgery.php Journal Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Volume 3 Issue 5 ?article_id=13626 Past Conference Safwan Al Adwan ?article_id=13625 Microneedling for atrophic postacne scars A prospective study of 50 cases at a tertiary care hospital Syeda Shahmoona Tirmizi ?article_id=13624 Activation of thermoTRPV3 channels accounts for abnormal hair growth by natural skin sensitizer carvacrol Yaxuan Qu, Kangjiao Yan, Xiaoying Sun, Gongxin Wang, Yani Liu and KeWei Wang ?article_id=13623 Natural skin sensitizer carvacrol in oregano oil induces itch sensation and dermatitis through activation of warm temperaturesensitive Ca2permeable TRPV3 channels Yaxuan Qu, Xiaoying Sun and KeWei Wang ?article_id=13620 Adalimumab in hidradenitis suppurativa what really matters a multicentre cross sectional study Vijaytha Muralidharan ?article_id=13619 Taurine and beauty alleviation of ageing cosmeceutials to prevention of hair loss R.C Gupta ?article_id=13616 Topical oxygen therapy using a novel hydrogel Ralph Almeleh ?article_id=13615 Activation of temperaturesensitive Ca2permeable TRPV3 channels by natural hydroxyl acids causes exfoliation for skinresurfacing KeWei Wang ?article_id=13614 CovidToes represent an exceptional indicator to discover asymptomatic covid affecteds who contacted the virus during forced lockdown or before the quaranteens Deraco Franco1 and Martini L2 ?article_id=13613 Doppler versus histopathology in assessment of egyptian psoriatic patients treated by acitretin Mohamed Amer1, Mohamed H. Khater1, Mohamed Soliman1, Amin Amer1, Fatehy Khater2, Manal R. Abd elhaleem3 ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 4 Issue 7 ?article_id=13608 Comparison Between Effectiveness Of Topical Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray Versus Topical Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray In The Treatment Of Chronic RhinosinusitisA One Year Hospital Based Study Rajesh Radhakrishna Havaldar ?article_id=13605 The different clinical manifestations and diagnostic strategies of isolated sphenoid noninvasive fungal sinusitis Njood Alaboud ?article_id=13600 Surgical approach to Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Maria Soledad Juarez ?article_id=13599 Lip lift in rhinoplasty Indications and methods Kianoosh Nahid ?article_id=13594 The lower lateral cartilages Why so important Lidia Guimaraes ?article_id=13593 Vocal cord leukoplakia Management in the OR and Office Lee M. Akst ?article_id=13592 Incidence of Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma in Pakistan Kalimullah Thahim ?article_id=13591 Cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgery influence on development of mastoid bone pneumatization Jadranka Handzic ?article_id=13590 Paradoxical vocal cord movement as a Life threatening stridor in Xeroderma Pigmentosum TypeA Hazim Aleid ?article_id=13589 Minimally invasive parotid surgery using ultrasonic vibration Fatima al zahraa haj oubid ?article_id=13588 Past Conference Report Chala Andres ArchiveJNSCR/currentissue-journal-of-neuroscience-and-clinical-research.php Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 5, Issue 3 peer-review/association-of-cannabis-abuse-with-psychiatric-morbidity-among-the--htv-drivers-of-ajk-OV8w.php?article_id=13669 Association of Cannabis Abuse with Psychiatric Morbidity Among The HTV Drivers of AJK Azhar Ali, Usama Bin Zubair, Fahad Ali Kazmi, Abrar khan, Khalil Azam Afridi and Rabia Asghar peer-review/zero-in-on-neuroinsusceptible-associations-msno.php?article_id=13668 Zero in on NeuroInsusceptible Associations Robert Stain peer-review/neuroscience-in-the-postgenome-time-TEcy.php?article_id=13667 Neuroscience in the PostGenome Time Andrew paul peer-review/neuroscience-fills-in-china-eHc9.php?article_id=13665 Neuroscience Fills in China Danielle Brown peer-review/clinical-profile-and-management-of-children-with-seizures-presenting-to-pediatric-emergency-department-to9j.php?article_id=13473 Clinical Profile and Management of Children with Seizures Presenting to Pediatric Emergency Department Ayesha Abbasi, Ghazala Kazi, Suman Siddiqui and Yumna Siddiqi ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 4, Issue 6 ?article_id=13288 Diagnosing and treating Slipping Rib Syndrome An unusual case of undiagnosed pain for 5 years Azar Hussain ?article_id=13238 COVID19 and Tension Pneumothorax Life threatening complication of COVID 19 patients on Noninvasive ventilation or mechanical ventilation Often missed but must not be missed Mayank Vats ?article_id=13237 Vulnerability of users of Tobacco Nicotine in any form including Ecigarettes to COVID 19 Rakesh Gupta ?article_id=13235 Effects of pursedlip breathing and forward trunk lean postures on total and compartmental lung volumes and ventilation in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Tantisuwat A ?article_id=13234 Emerging landscape in the management of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD Role of Pidotimod Pradyut Waghray ?article_id=13233 Difficult to treat Asthma in adults and adolescents Priyanka Gupta ?article_id=13231 Seasonality and trend analysis of Tuberculosis in Madhya Pradesh India Pranveer Singh ?article_id=13230 A novel TidalBreathing Respiratory Monitoring Device and a study of symptomatic asthmatics during the first month of Corticosteroid treatment Jeremy Walsh ?article_id=13229 Risk factors by prolonged weaning by COPD GOLD D Patients Lavae-Mokhtari M ?article_id=13228 Detection and characterization of CardioPulmonary PathoPhysiological States and diseases by Transthoracic Parametric Doppler TPD Bushra Mina ?article_id=13227 Pathophysiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease John Klir ?article_id=13225 COPD updates Bushra Mina ?article_id=13224 The use of Functional Respiratory Imaging in improving personalized medicine in COPD J. De Backer ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 4 Issue 5 peer-review/targeting-alarmin-cytokines-in-the-treatment-of-severe-asthma-fViR.php?article_id=13479 TARGETING ALARMIN CYTOKINES IN THE TREATMENT OF SEVERE ASTHMA Nightingale Syabbalo   peer-review/ten-day-exposure-to-hypochlorous-acid-wonder-spray-fog-results-in-no-detectable-effect-on-blood-metabolic-panel-and-minimal-lung-p-aAWv.php?article_id=13381 Ten Day Exposure to Hypochlorous Acid Wonder Spray Fog Results in no Detectable Effect on Blood Metabolic Panel and Minimal Lung Pathology John F. Burd peer-review/unilateral-giant-lung-bulla-placental-transmogrification-should-be-in-mind-lzD8.php?article_id=13380 Unilateral Giant Lung Bulla Placental transmogrification should be in Mind Abdel-Mohsen Mahmoud Hamad1 peer-review/quality-of-life-hearing-loss-and-cancer-treatment-O03T.php?article_id=13083 Quality of Life Hearing Loss and Cancer Treatment Priscila Feliciano de Oliveira peer-review/endonasal-tongue-in-groove-septoplasty-ptdM.php?article_id=13038 Endonasal Tongue in Groove Septoplasty Medhat T ArchiveVBJ/currentissue-vector-biology-journal.php Vector Biology Journal volume 6 issue 1 peer-review/a-review-on-the-primitive-strains-of-coronavirus-merscov-sars-cov1-their-epidemiology-diagnosis-and-biochemistry-jmWF.php?article_id=14285 A Review on the Primitive Strains of Coronavirus MersCov Sars Cov1 their Epidemiology Diagnosis and Biochemistry Kamran S peer-review/impact-of-intestinal-parasitemalaria-coinfection-on-haemoglobin-in-patients-of-melong-and-denzo-health-facilities-littoral-regionc-4rgs.php?article_id=12990 Impact of intestinal parasitemalaria coinfection on haemoglobin in patients of Melong and Denzo health facilities Littoral regionCameroon Ebanga Echi Joan Eyong*, Makebe Sylvie, Gangue Tiburce,Yana Wenceslas wfw Volume 9, Issue 3 peer-review/microvascular-effect-after-the-application-of-cell-therapy-with-a-concentrate-of-hematopoietic-stem-cells-in-patients-with-periphe-TIQC.php?article_id=12292 Microvascular effect after the application of cell therapy with a concentrate of hematopoietic stem cells in patients with peripheral arterial disease with noncritical limb ischemia and diabetes Lauro Fabián Amador Medina1 *, Blanca Olivia Murillo Ortíz1 , Luis Carlos Padierna García2 , Carlos Villaseñor Mora2 , Enrique Castro Camus3 , Goretti Hernández Cardoso3 and Juan Manuel Malacara Hernández 4 ArchiveCDRJ/currentissue-clinical-dermatology-research-journal.php Clinical Dermatology Research Journal 2nd International Conference on Dermatology, Pathology and Cosmetology ?article_id=12092 A Case of Primary Cutaneous Cribriform Carcinoma on the Back Junghwa Yang ?article_id=12090 Outcome of my aponeurotic blepharoptosis Shintaro Asai ?article_id=12089 Is It Possible to Treat Giant Congenital Hairy Melanocytic Nevus Clinically Huang Wei Ling ?article_id=12087 Interferon Gene Polymorphism as a Biochemical Marker for Atopic dermatitis in Saudis Ghaleb Bin Huraib  ?article_id=12085 How to build bridges between professionals to improve access to dermatology Lydia Gauthie ?article_id=12084 Energy Imbalances and Chakras Energy Deficiencies in the Treatment of Acne Huang Wei Ling ?article_id=12077 Energy Alterations In The Formation And Treatment Of Scleroderma Huang Wei Ling ?article_id=12070 Case Report Clinical Features And Treatment Of Red Skin Syndrome Due To Misuse Of Cosmetic Beauty Products Containing Topical Corticosteroids In Vietnam Phuong Nguyen Thi Thanh ?article_id=12064 Association of inducible nitric oxide synthase iNOS gene promoter polymorphism with vitiligo susceptibility in Saudis Abdulrahman Al-Asmari ArchiveJVCT/currentissue-vaccines-clinical-trials.php Journal of Vaccines & Clinical Trials 10th International Conference on Clinical Research Clinical Trials peer-review/clinical-practice-competency-and-associated-factors-of-undergraduate-health-science-students-in-bahir-dar-university-bahir-dar-eth-5Azy.php?article_id=11996 Clinical practice competency and associated Factors of undergraduate health science students in Bahir Dar University Bahir Dar Ethiopia Asteray Ayenew peer-review/mobile-technology-for-clinical-operations-challenges-and-opportunities-u1xO.php?article_id=11995 Mobile Technology for Clinical Operations Challenges and Opportunities Jay Brendan Smith peer-review/the-innovative-scientific-clinical-data-management-booster-for-the-clinical-research-G5OR.php?article_id=11994 The innovative scientific clinical data management booster for the clinical research Ioannis Makedos peer-review/potentially-inappropriate-medications-prescribing-among-elderly-patients-in-jordan-Y7TL.php?article_id=11993 Potentially Inappropriate Medications Prescribing among Elderly Patients in Jordan Ahmad Al-Azayzih peer-review/evaluation-of-knowledge-attitude-and-practices-among-nurses-towards-pharmacovigilance-programme-of-india-and-reporting-of-adverse--YU17.php?article_id=11992 Evaluation of Knowledge Attitude and Practices among nurses towards Pharmacovigilance Programme of India and reporting of adverse drug reactions in a tertiary care hospital Atul Jain peer-review/an-innovative-checklist-for-paediatric-biosamples-management-ZKdD.php?article_id=11991 An innovative checklist for paediatric biosamples management Donato Bonifazi peer-review/impact-of-health-education-learning-package-help-on-intestinal-parasite-infections-among-aboriginal-school-children-in-malaysia-5wZT.php?article_id=11990 Impact of Health Education Learning Package HELP on intestinal parasite infections among Aboriginal school children in Malaysia Nabil Nasr peer-review/what-sex-does-to-a-womans-brain-lesson-learn-from-power-politics-pharmacy-institutions-in-pune-university-1ieu.php?article_id=11989 What sex does to a womans brain Lesson learn from power politics pharmacy institutions in Pune University Rahul Hajare peer-review/clinical-experience-for-the-burn-infection-4m2c.php?article_id=11988 Clinical experience for the burn infection Shintaro Asai peer-review/ethical-challenges-in-pediatric-neurology-clinical-trials-ytcM.php?article_id=11987 Ethical challenges in pediatric neurology clinical trials Vesna Popovska ArchiveRJCP/currentissue-research-journal-clinical-pediatrics.php Research Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Volume 4, Issue 3 ?article_id=11980 2020 Awards for Clinical Pediatrics and Child Care Conference Maria Bertha Romo Almanza ?article_id=11979 2020 Market Analysis of Pediatrics and Child Care Conference Maria Bertha Romo Almanza ?article_id=11918 Research Contribution and Achievement Said Eldeib ?article_id=11917 Market Analysis Said Eldeib ?article_id=11916 Market Analysis Pediatrics Neonatal Care 2020 Ameya Ghanekar ArchiveRRMT/currentissue-metals-research.php Research and Reports on Metals Volume 4 Issue 3 ?article_id=11602 Development of highly stretchable conductive fiber and fiberbasedelectronic sensors for textile electronics Taeyoon Lee ?article_id=11601 Finecontrolled subanometal particles in a dendrimer reactor Kimihisa Yamamoto ?article_id=11600 Structure and dynamics of polymer materials at the single moleculescale studied by novel fluorescence microscopy techniques Hiroyuki Aoki ?article_id=11599 Materials for advanced ultrasuper critical power plants Augusto Di Gianfrancesco ?article_id=11598 Editorial Note Jack kallis wfw Volume 4, Issue 3 ?article_id=11496 Technology of Speech Mechanics Ramm GA ArchiveJNSCR/currentissue-journal-of-neuroscience-and-clinical-research.php Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 5, Issue 2 peer-review/pediatric-embryonal-tumors-intrue-rosettes-etmrs-presentingas-a-low-grade-glioma-anunusual-case-report-M0ZG.php?article_id=11640 Pediatric Embryonal Tumors inTrue Rosettes Etmrs Presentingas a Low Grade Glioma AnUnusual Case Report Sibhi Ganapathy and Nikunj Godhani peer-review/young-scientist-awards-IbOr.php?article_id=11596 Young Scientist Awards Richard G. Heimberg peer-review/direct-evidence-of-viral-infection-and-mitochondrial-alterations-in-the-brain-of-fetuses-at-high-risk-for-schizophrenia-z82k.php?article_id=11584 Direct Evidence of Viral Infection and Mitochondrial Alterations in the Brain of Fetuses at High Risk for Schizophrenia Segundo Mesa Castillo peer-review/the-relationship-between-neuroscience-and-internal-conflicts-in-a-psychodynamic-approach-to-the-treatment-of-autism-spectrum-disor-zmFP.php?article_id=11489 The Relationship Between Neuroscience and Internal Conflicts in a Psychodynamic Approach to the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder Susan P Sherkow peer-review/depression-on-the-brain-due-to-covid19-jg6u.php?article_id=11423 Depression on the Brain Due to Covid19 Tony Sutton ArchiveJIDITH/currentissue-journal-infectious-diseases-immune-therapies.php Journal of Infectious Diseases & Immune Therapies Volume 4 , Issue 2 ?article_id=13725 Editorial Note for Journal of Infectious Diseases Immune Therapies Sowndarya C ?article_id=13724 Euro Infectious Diseases 2020 Dengue Cerebellitis in an adult male A case report literature review Kathrine Bernadette Apostol Institute of Neurological Sciences Kathrine Bernadette Apostol ?article_id=11327 Euro Infectious Diseases 2020 Advanced uracil DNA glycosylasesupplemented loopmediated isothermal amplification UDGLAMP technique for sensitive and specific detection of Cryptosporidium parvum Cryptosporidium hominis and Cryptosporidium meleagridids in AIDS patients Ebrahim Fallahi Lorestan Ebrahim Fallahi ?article_id=11326 Euro Infectious Diseases 2020 Exploring potential therapeutics targeting coronavirus spike glycoproteins and how they might be utilized for treatment of SARSCoV2 Zhen Zong Lim Imperial College Zhen Zong Lim ?article_id=11325 Euro Infectious Diseases 2020 A clot making virus a case report of PE in a young female with covid19 Umer Qazi Endocrinology University Hospitals Umer Qazi ArchiveEOEB/currentissue-expert-opinion-on-environmental-biology.php Expert Opinion on Environmental Biology Volume 9, Issue 2 peer-review/offshore-floating-renewable-energy-and-the-future-of-power-to-fuel-technology-uq4w.php?article_id=11295 Offshore Floating Renewable Energy and the Future of Power to Fuel Technology Roy Robinson and Georg Engelmann ArchiveJBMT/currentissue-journal-bioengineering-medical-technology.php Journal of Bioengineering and Medical Technology Volume 1 Issue 2 ?article_id=11077 Market analysis insights in Medical and Bioengineering Saira Naz Sufian   ?article_id=11076 Evaluation of common risk factors related with breast carcinoma in females A hospital based study in Karachi Pakistan Saira Naz Sufian ?article_id=11075 Judging response to cancer therapy RECIST and Beyond Arvind K Chaturvedi Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Research Centre Arvind K Chaturvedi   ?article_id=11074 Evaluation of common risk factors related with breast carcinoma in females A hospital based study in Karachi Pakistan Saira Naz Sufian ArchiveJBMT/currentissue-journal-bioengineering-medical-technology.php Journal of Bioengineering and Medical Technology Volume 1 Issue 1 ?article_id=11085 A Forensic Psychological Research Question of Whether or Not High Profile CrossRacial Police Incidents Compromise Officer Safety A Dissenting Voice on Bias Training Ronn Johnson   ?article_id=11073 Insights of Medical Education Hamid Yahya Husain   ?article_id=11072 Improved Fetal Heart Rate Study Using Update Actocardiogram Kazuo Maeda ?article_id=11071 Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Liver Disease Quality of Life LDQOL 10 Instrument Belgin Sarper Can and Asiye Durmaz Akyol ArchiveCBRT/currentissue-cell-biology-research-therapy.php Cell Biology: Research & Therapy Volume 9 issue 1 ?article_id=11062 Effect of Bas21082109 Two Component System on Multicellular Behavior of Bacillus anthracis Kanika Jain,Rakesh Bhatnagar, Pooja Gulati,Vatika Gupta ArchiveJSCP/currentissue-surgery-clinical-practice.php Journal of Surgery & Clinical Practice Volume 4, Issue 1 peer-review/inhospital-study-of-combined-trauma-score-and-outcome-in-poly-trauma-GLuU.php?article_id=11056 InHospital Study of Combined Trauma Score and Outcome in Poly Trauma Sumit Sharma, Meena NN, Pratap A, Saroj SK, Shukla VK and Bhartiya SK peer-review/editorial-note-for-journal-of-surgery--clinical-practice-oaDV.php?article_id=11009 Editorial Note for Journal of Surgery Clinical Practice wfw Volume 9, Issue 6 peer-review/awards-of-7th-international-conference-and-expo-on-novel-physiotherapies-physical-therapy-rehabilitation-2020-may-2526-2020-barcel-Bqij.php?article_id=10433 Awards of 7th International Conference and Expo on Novel Physiotherapies Physical Therapy rehabilitation 2020 May 2526 2020 Barcelona Spain Dr. Md. Monoarul Haque ArchiveRJCP/currentissue-research-journal-clinical-pediatrics.php Research Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Volume 4, Issue 2 ?article_id=11476 6th World Congress onPediatric Disease care andManagement John Willi Watson ?article_id=11472 Awards 2020 John Willi Watson ?article_id=11468 Pediatric Disease 2020 Market Analysis John Willi Watson ?article_id=10975 Research Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Igor Klepikov ?article_id=10422 Awards 2020 of 27th Global Nursing and Health Care Conference Emphasizing Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing Primary Healthcare Dr. Nosehy ZM Yousef ArchiveJDSRM/currentissue-defense-studies-resource-management.php Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management Volume 7, Issue 1 ?article_id=10346 Awards 2020 on Sustainable Development Society Marija Maksin wfw Volume 8, Issue 1 ?article_id=9805 Recent Research on Liver Diseases in Singapore Antonio Iannetti ArchiveJPEY/currentissue-proteomics-enzymology.php Journal of Proteomics & Enzymology Volume 6, Issue 2 peer-review/prevalence-of-vitamin-d-deficiency-in-karachi-GZgd.php?article_id=7103 Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Karachi Sobia S, Mahjabeen Sultana and Farhan E peer-review/effects-of-vitamin-d-combined-with-aspirin-or-atorvastatin-on-plasma-lipid-profiles-and-lipid-peroxidation-in-tritonxinduced-hyper-P0rp.php?article_id=7102 Effects of Vitamin D Combined with Aspirin or Atorvastatin on Plasma Lipid Profiles and Lipid Peroxidation in TritonXInduced Hyperlipidemia in Rats Adedapo DA and Ogunfowora OO peer-review/optimization-of-biodegradation-process-for-disperse-textile-dyes-using-brown-rot-fungi-YXPg.php?article_id=6921 Optimization of Biodegradation Process for Disperse Textile Dyes Using Brown Rot Fungi S Sidra Batool and Anum Hanif peer-review/evaluation-of-tryptic-peptides-from-neisseria-meningitidis-outer-membrane-proteins-pora-and-porbdigestion-peptides-8V9l.php?article_id=6670 Evaluation of Tryptic Peptides from Neisseria meningitidis Outer Membrane Proteins PorA and PorBDigestion Peptides Gail Whiting, Clive Metcalfe, Adrian F Bristow and Jun X Wheeler ArchiveVEGETOS/currentissue-vegetos.php VEGETOS: An International Journal of Plant Research Volume 30, Issue 4 peer-review/studying-of-plants-populations-in-the-conditions-of-industrial-pollution-in-the-neighborhood-of-the-cities-of-the-karaganda-region-ELoJ.php?article_id=6978 Studying of Plants Populations in the Conditions of Industrial Pollution in the Neighborhood of the Cities of the Karaganda Region Konkabayeva A, Ishmuratova M, Aitkulov A, Tykezhanova G, Nugumanova S, Turlybekova G and Shorin S peer-review/influence-of-drying-temperature-on-mass-transfer-characteristics-and-physiochemical-properties-of-aloe-vera-aloe-barbadensis-mille-Zz6G.php?article_id=6963 Influence of Drying Temperature on Mass Transfer Characteristics and Physiochemical Properties of Aloe Vera Aloe Barbadensis Miller Srinivasan G and Baskar R peer-review/seed-priming-with-salts-of-nitrate-enhances-nitrogen-use-efficiency-in-rice-IEix.php?article_id=6957 Seed Priming with Salts of Nitrate Enhances Nitrogen use Efficiency in Rice Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Anaytullah Siddique, Manoj Kumar Sharma and Bandana Bose peer-review/effect-of-osmotic-stress-on-the-surface-properties-of-protoplasts-as-measured-by-merocyanine-540-tK4P.php?article_id=6954 Effect of Osmotic Stress on the Surface Properties of Protoplasts as Measured by Merocyanine 540 Pablo M Sain, Silvia Rodríguez and Edgardo A Disalvo peer-review/studies-on-correlation-and-path-analysis-for-yield-and-yield-contributing-traits-in-eggplant-solanum-melongena-l-involving-bacteri-bMAJ.php?article_id=6952 Studies on Correlation and Path Analysis for Yield and Yield Contributing Traits in Eggplant Solanum Melongena L Involving Bacterial Wilt Resistant Genotypes Chauhan A, Chandel KS and SP Singh peer-review/microcycas--an-endangered-genus-u8YX.php?article_id=6951 Microcycas An Endangered Genus Teena Agrawal peer-review/agronomic-and-economic-performance-of-wheat-triticum-aestivum-l-under-farmyard-manure-and-inorganic-fertilization-in-the-midlands--D3kH.php?article_id=6950 Agronomic and Economic Performance of Wheat Triticum Aestivum L under Farmyard Manure and Inorganic Fertilization in the MidLands of North Ethiopia Teklay Tesfay, Chigign Adamu, Selamawit Girmay, Takele Welu and Abadi Birhane peer-review/inhibitory-activities-of-brimstone-morinda-lucida-roots-extract-on-amylase-and-glucosidase--in-vitro-57rE.php?article_id=6949 Inhibitory Activities of Brimstone Morinda lucida Roots Extract on Amylase and Glucosidase In vitro Stephen Adeniyi Adefegha and Olorunfemi Raphael Molehin peer-review/manipulation-of-plant-spacing-and-steckling-size-to-increase-growth-and-seed-yield-in-carrot-daucus-carota-l-under-temperate-condi-jxon.php?article_id=6948 Manipulation of Plant Spacing and Steckling Size to Increase Growth and Seed Yield in Carrot Daucus Carota L Under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir Ashutosh Kumar, Baseerat Afroza, Nayeema Jabeen and Nighat Mushtaq peer-review/physiological-barriers-for-adventitious-species-invasion-in-oligotroph-ecosystems-of-the-middle-ob-area-DU5E.php?article_id=6947 Physiological Barriers for Adventitious Species Invasion in Oligotroph Ecosystems of the Middle Ob Area Oligotroph; Ecosystems; Oil; Mycorrhiza peer-review/vegetation-of-saline-regions-of-fars-province-iran-d0Iy.php?article_id=6946 Vegetation of Saline Regions of Fars Province Iran Owfi RE peer-review/effect-of-exogenous-application-of-plant-growth-regulators-on-nutritional-status-of-kiwifruit-cv-hayward-Sf8z.php?article_id=6945 Effect of Exogenous Application of Plant Growth Regulators on Nutritional Status of Kiwifruit cv Hayward Nowsheen Nazir, Banday FA, Sharma MK, Aroosa Khalil and Sundouri AS peer-review/combining-ability-for-flavonoids-flavonols-and-total-phenols-in-cabbage-brassica-oleracea-var-capitata-l-8NLG.php?article_id=6943 Combining Ability for Flavonoids Flavonols and Total Phenols in Cabbage Brassica Oleracea Var Capitata L Abhishek C, Negi PS and Singh NK peer-review/calibration-and-validation-of-infocrop-for-phenology-growth-and-yield-attributing-characters-of-indian-mustard-varieties-in-semiar-o2AW.php?article_id=6941 Calibration and Validation of Infocrop for Phenology Growth and Yield Attributing Characters of Indian Mustard Varieties in SemiArid Region of Haryana Kumar Y, Singh R, Kumar A and Nayak MK peer-review/distribution-of-economically-important-algal-flora-at-ranchi-district-of-jharkhand-india-t2L8.php?article_id=6939 Distribution of Economically Important Algal Flora at Ranchi District of Jharkhand India Sarita Mehta and Radha Kumari Sahu peer-review/cytological-variability-in-artemisia-l-inhabiting-northwest-himalayas-intra-population-chromosomal-variability-in--artemisia-nilag-LFWq.php?article_id=6937 Cytological Variability in Artemisia L Inhabiting NorthWest Himalayas Intra Population Chromosomal Variability in Artemisia nilagirica CB Clarke Pamp Uma Bharti, Rinchen Gurmet, Eshan Sharma and Namrata Sharma peer-review/field-performance-of-pseudomonas-putida-iihr-pp2-for-the-management-of-meloidogyne-incognita-and-fusarium-oxysporum-f-sp-vasinfect-5Alm.php?article_id=6936 Field Performance of Pseudomonas putida IIHR Pp2 for the Management of Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum Disease Complex in Okra Abelmoschus esculentus Rao MS, Umamaheswari R, Prabu P, Priti K, Chaya MK, Kamalnath M, Grace GN, Rajinikanth R and Gopalakrishnan C peer-review/occurrence-virulence-and-evaluation-of-essential-oils-against-fusarium-oxysporum-f-sp-niveum-causing-wilt-of-watermelon-0xbW.php?article_id=6933 Occurrence Virulence and Evaluation of Essential Oils against Fusarium oxysporum f sp niveum causing Wilt of Watermelon Naveenkumar R, Muthukumar A and Mohanapriya R peer-review/screening-of-iranian-wheat-triticum-aestivum-l-land-races-for-seedling-traits-under-micronutrient-deficient-conditions-B0Rv.php?article_id=6893 Screening of Iranian Wheat Triticum aestivum L Land Races for Seedling Traits under Micronutrient Deficient Conditions Manpreet Kaur, Sarlach RS and Bains NS peer-review/evaluation-of-narcissus-genotypes-under-karewa-condition-of-kashmir-himalaya-XZGC.php?article_id=6878 Evaluation of Narcissus Genotypes under Karewa Condition of Kashmir Himalaya Kumar R, Sharma OC peer-review/effect-of-growth-dynamics-nutrient-status-and-energetics-of-linseed-as-influenced-by-different-agroinput-managementpractices-nsum.php?article_id=6861 Effect of Growth Dynamics Nutrient Status and Energetics of Linseed as Influenced By Different Agroinput ManagementPractices Patel R, Dwivedi SK and Patel NK peer-review/gibberellins-production-techniques-by-immobilization-9fv6.php?article_id=6633 Gibberellins Production Techniques by Immobilization Ahamad S, Sharma SK and Agarwal DK ArchiveJOT/currentissue-obesity-therapeutics.php Journal of Obesity and Therapeutics Volume 1,Issue 2 peer-review/the-effect-of-vitamin-d-supplementation-on-the-treatment-of-overweight-and-obesity-a-systematic-review-of-randomized-controlled-tr-szbv.php?article_id=6827 The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Stavri Chrysostomou and Evgenia Saranti peer-review/dietary-strategies-for-metabolic-syndrome-a-review-8o7m.php?article_id=6626 Dietary Strategies for Metabolic Syndrome A Review Castro-Barquero S, Ruiz-León AM, Sadurní M, Estruch R, Casas R ArchiveDIDNA/currentissue-drug-intoxication-and-detoxification-novel-approaches.php Drug Intoxication and Detoxification : Novel Approaches Volume 6, Issue 1 peer-review/presence-of-caulerpa-cylindracea-chlorophyta-in-the-north-of-strait-of-gibraltar-effectiveness-of-citizenscientist-in-detecting-in-otvw.php?article_id=6098 Presence of Caulerpa cylindracea Chlorophyta in the North of Strait of Gibraltar Effectiveness of CitizenScientist in Detecting Invasion and Record in Atlantic European Coast Javier Pellón, Ricardo Bermejo, Manolo Chacón, Encarni Sánchez, Juan Antonio Parada, Manuel Fernández-Casado, María del Carmen Arroyo and José Carlos García-Gómez ArchiveDIDNA/currentissue-drug-intoxication-and-detoxification-novel-approaches.php Drug Intoxication and Detoxification : Novel Approaches Volume 6, Issue 3 peer-review/will-pd1pdl1-inhibitor-become-a-true-salvage-therapy-for-relapsed-or-refractory-patients-with-hematological-malignancies-JvlU.php?article_id=6076 Will PD1PDL1 Inhibitor Become a True Salvage Therapy for Relapsed or Refractory Patients with Hematological Malignancies Ankita Thakkar ArchiveDIDNA/currentissue-drug-intoxication-and-detoxification-novel-approaches.php Drug Intoxication and Detoxification : Novel Approaches Volume 5, Issue 1 peer-review/effects-of-acute-consumption-of-igarcinia-kolai-on-hepatic-enzymes-in-apparently-well-nigerian-youths-Fo5X.php?article_id=4981 Effects of Acute Consumption of iGarcinia kolai on Hepatic Enzymes in Apparently Well Nigerian Youths Biliaminu SA, Abdul Azeez, Abdur Rahman MB and Ajani S Volume 51, Issue 1 peer-review/yield-and-economics-of-greengram-vigna-radiata-lwilczek-cultivars-as-influenced-by-integrated-nutrient-management-Z4g0.php?article_id=4748 Yield and Economics of Greengram Vigna radiata LWilczek Cultivars as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Management Swetha A Patel, Chaudhari PP and Desai NH peer-review/effect-of-phosphorus-sulphur-and-biofertilizer-on-growth-yield-and-nodulation-in-mungbean-on-loamy-sand-soils-of-kutch-h16F.php?article_id=4744 Effect of Phosphorus Sulphur and Biofertilizer on Growth Yield and Nodulation in Mungbean on Loamy Sand Soils of Kutch Sipai AH, Jat JR and Rathore BS peer-review/heterosis-and-inbreeding-depression-in-tropical-sweet-sorghum-sorghum-bicolor-lmoench-HAG0.php?article_id=4743 Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression in Tropical Sweet Sorghum Sorghum bicolor LMoench Sudhir Kumar I, Srinivasa Rao P, Belum VS Reddy, Ravindrababu V and Reddy KHP peer-review/mounting-insights-over-human-wellness-by-utilizing-plants-primed-defense-against-precisemild-oxidative-stress-8w7J.php?article_id=4742 Mounting Insights over Human Wellness by Utilizing Plants Primed Defense against PreciseMild Oxidative Stress Pragya Mishra and Sheo Mohan Prasad peer-review/foliar-applications-of-zinc-and-boron-on-fruit-set-and-some-fruit-quality-of-olive-9Tm6.php?article_id=4741 Foliar Applications of Zinc and Boron on Fruit Set and Some Fruit Quality of Olive Saadati S, Moallemi N, Mortazavi SMH and Seyyednejad SM ArchiveJPAIR/currentissue-primary-acquired-immunodeficiency-research.php Journal of Primary & Acquired Immunodeficiency Research Volume 3, Issue 1 recurrent-salmonellosis-in-a-child-with-complete-ilr-deficiency-RLFm.php?article_id=2181 Recurrent Salmonellosis in a Child with Complete IL12R1 Deficiency Mohammad Faizan Zahid, Syed Asad Ali2, Fyezah Jehan, Abdul Gaffar Billo, Jean-Laurent Casanova Jacinta Bustamante Stephanie Boisson-Dupuis and Fatima Mir alphafetoprotein-as-a-biomarker-in-immunodeficiency-diseases-relevance-to-ataxia-telangiectasia-and-related-disorders-6Py2.php?article_id=2180 AlphaFetoprotein as a Biomarker in Immunodeficiency Diseases Relevance to Ataxia Telangiectasia and Related Disorders Immunodiagnostics Gerald J Mizejewski vitamin-d-and-hiv-infection-a-systematic-review-nDq7.php?article_id=2179 Vitamin D and HIV Infection A Systematic Review Natalia Barbosa, Laura Costa, Mara Pinto, Patricia Rosinha, Ines Rosinha and Mariana Couto evidence-the-human-tcell-lymphotropic-virus-htlvi-circulation-in-santiago-de-cuba-province-cuba-bEfG.php?article_id=1946 Evidence of the Human Tcell Lymphotropic Virus HTLVI Circulation in Santiago De Cuba Province Cuba Dayami Martin, Dervel F Diaz, Onelvis Isaac, Liuber Y Machado, Dania Romay and Hector M Diaz ArchiveAGEB/currentissue-advances-in-genetic-engineering-biotechnology.php Advances in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Volume 2, Issue 1 /becoming-muslim-patients-after-total-hip-prosthesis-in-morocco-Li9x.php?article_id=2413 Becoming Muslim Patients after Total Hip Prosthesis in Morocco TEssohouna, MDDione, H Azanmasso, N.S Diagne, S Larhalbli , H Ahyaoui, K.M Guinhouya, M BELO, F Lmidmani, A El Fatimi and M Rafai codon-pair-bias-and-viral-vaccine-design-7QeP.php?article_id=1312 Codon Pair Bias and Viral Vaccine Design Garry A Luke, Uday S Pathania, Fiona Tulloch and Martin D Ryan creutzfeldtjakob-disease-susceptibility-an-approach-to-discovering-multiple-candidate-genes-for-human-prion-diseases-2WiO.php?article_id=461 CreutzfeldtJakob Disease Susceptibility An Approach to Discovering Multiple Candidate Genes for Human Prion Diseases Byung-Hoon Jeong and Yong-Sun Kim currentissue-molecular-medicine-therapeutics.php Journal of Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics Volume 1, Issue 2 novel-combinatorial-therapeutic-targeting-pai-serpine-gene-expression-in-alzheimers-disease-aUZI.php?article_id=445 Novel Combinatorial Therapeutic Targeting of PAI1SERPINE1 Gene Expression in Alzheimers Disease Stacie M. Kutz, Craig E. Higgins and Paul J. Higgins genomescale-mapping-of-microrna-signatures-in-human-embryonic-stem-cell-neurogenesis-FzVH.php?article_id=444 GenomeScale Mapping of MicroRNA Signatures in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Neurogenesis Xuejun H. Parsons, James F. Parsons and Dennis A. Moore parkinsons-disease-diabetes-methylglyoxal-common-causal-agent-carnosine-protective-T8hz.php?article_id=443 Parkinsons Disease and Type2 Diabetes Methylglyoxal may be a Common Causal AgentCarnosine could be Protective Alan R. Hipkiss performance-commercial-interferon-release-assays-screening-latent-tuberculosis-infection-metaanalysis-3oqn.php?article_id=442 Performance of Commercial Interferon947 Release Assays for Screening Latent Tuberculosis Infection A MetaAnalysis Lin Sun, Qingqin Yin, Jianling Tian, Qing Miao, Fang Xu, Jing Xiao, Chen Shen, Weiwei Jiao, Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Aamir Shahzad and Adong Shen Volume 1, Issue 1 ?article_id=76 Translational Research to Uncover Diagnostic Therapeutic Gene Targets Emerging in a Genomic Era from Bench to Bedside Blum K, Giordano J, Borsten J, Downs BW, Hauser M, Simpatico T, Lohmann R, Braverman ER and Barh D ?article_id=75 Genetic Networks in Heterogeneous Populations Mogen Fenger ?article_id=74 Genetic Studies of Complex Diseases in the Sequence Era Momiao Xiong