SciTechnol SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. ArchiveJNPC/currentissue-nursing-and-patient-care.php Journal of Nursing & Patient Care Volume 5, Issue 5 ?article_id=13694 Child Health and Nursing Care 2020 Gary R. Anderson ?article_id=13691 7th International Conference on Medical and Nursing EducationJuly 1718 2020 Vienna Austria AbdulQadir Nashwan ?article_id=13687 Call for Papers37th Global Nursing Care Education Miriam Stewart ?article_id=13686 Past conference report 2020 on Patient Safety Rebecca Stjernberg Bejhed ?article_id=13685 Market Analysis on Patient Safety Conference Rebecca Stjernberg Bejhed ArchiveJBP/currentissue-journal-biochemistry-physiology.php Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology Volume 3, Issue 2 ?article_id=13647 Human Physiology Shikhar K ?article_id=13646 Gas Exchange Steven R ?article_id=13634 Biochemistry and Nutritional Aspects of Vitamin K Virginia Pascual Ramos ?article_id=13633 Physiological Model of Human Nabil Abou Baker ?article_id=13632 Recent Advances in Biophysical Chemistry Suleyman Aydin ArchiveJPSC/currentissue-plastic-cosmetic-surgery.php Journal Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Volume 3 Issue 5 ?article_id=13626 Past Conference Safwan Al Adwan ?article_id=13625 Microneedling for atrophic postacne scars A prospective study of 50 cases at a tertiary care hospital Syeda Shahmoona Tirmizi ?article_id=13624 Activation of thermoTRPV3 channels accounts for abnormal hair growth by natural skin sensitizer carvacrol Yaxuan Qu, Kangjiao Yan, Xiaoying Sun, Gongxin Wang, Yani Liu and KeWei Wang ?article_id=13623 Natural skin sensitizer carvacrol in oregano oil induces itch sensation and dermatitis through activation of warm temperaturesensitive Ca2permeable TRPV3 channels Yaxuan Qu, Xiaoying Sun and KeWei Wang ?article_id=13620 Adalimumab in hidradenitis suppurativa what really matters a multicentre cross sectional study Vijaytha Muralidharan ?article_id=13619 Taurine and beauty alleviation of ageing cosmeceutials to prevention of hair loss R.C Gupta ?article_id=13616 Topical oxygen therapy using a novel hydrogel Ralph Almeleh ?article_id=13615 Activation of temperaturesensitive Ca2permeable TRPV3 channels by natural hydroxyl acids causes exfoliation for skinresurfacing KeWei Wang ?article_id=13614 CovidToes represent an exceptional indicator to discover asymptomatic covid affecteds who contacted the virus during forced lockdown or before the quaranteens Deraco Franco1 and Martini L2 ?article_id=13613 Doppler versus histopathology in assessment of egyptian psoriatic patients treated by acitretin Mohamed Amer1, Mohamed H. Khater1, Mohamed Soliman1, Amin Amer1, Fatehy Khater2, Manal R. Abd elhaleem3 ArchiveJBHM/currentissue-business-hotel-management.php Journal of Business and Hotel Management Special issue on Business Tourism ?article_id=13609 Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Genes in Raw Water and the Implications for Drinking Water Production Rinaldo Kritzinger ?article_id=13604 Development of A SYBER Green RealTime PCR Standard for Porcine Parvovirus PPV and Screening of Porcine Tissue DNA Samples Laxmi Kant Pandey ?article_id=13603 Sustainability The Case of Tourism and IT Rui Carvalho ?article_id=13602 Managing Radical Change in Entrepreneurship Education Adoption of Innovative and Effective Pedagogy used in Teaching Entrepreneurship Shesadev Nayak ?article_id=13601 Digitalisation in Medical Tourism Business Yunus Saleem ?article_id=13598 Effective Contributions of Leaders May Ensure the Prime Organizational Embellishment Rudrarup Gupta ?article_id=13596 Market Analysis Health and Medical Tourism Susan Jones ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 4 Issue 7 ?article_id=13608 Comparison Between Effectiveness Of Topical Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray Versus Topical Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray In The Treatment Of Chronic RhinosinusitisA One Year Hospital Based Study Rajesh Radhakrishna Havaldar ?article_id=13605 The different clinical manifestations and diagnostic strategies of isolated sphenoid noninvasive fungal sinusitis Njood Alaboud ?article_id=13600 Surgical approach to Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Maria Soledad Juarez ?article_id=13599 Lip lift in rhinoplasty Indications and methods Kianoosh Nahid ?article_id=13594 The lower lateral cartilages Why so important Lidia Guimaraes ?article_id=13593 Vocal cord leukoplakia Management in the OR and Office Lee M. Akst ?article_id=13592 Incidence of Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma in Pakistan Kalimullah Thahim ?article_id=13591 Cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgery influence on development of mastoid bone pneumatization Jadranka Handzic ?article_id=13590 Paradoxical vocal cord movement as a Life threatening stridor in Xeroderma Pigmentosum TypeA Hazim Aleid ?article_id=13589 Minimally invasive parotid surgery using ultrasonic vibration Fatima al zahraa haj oubid ?article_id=13588 Past Conference Report Chala Andres ArchiveJCEOG/currentissue-clinical-experimental-oncology.php Journal of Clinical & Experimental Oncology Volume 9, Issue 7 ?article_id=13543 MicroRNAs in Cancer Progression Vaishnavi sreeja ?article_id=13542 Gynecomastia carcinoma Harika ?article_id=13541 Lymphoepitheliomalike malignant neoplastic disease abdomen Lakshmi Vasudha Yirrinki ?article_id=13540 Short communication on Esophageal Cancer Lakshmi Vasudha Yirrinki  ?article_id=13539 Neurofibromatosis with parathyroid gland cancer Chandapure Sindhura ArchiveIJMHP/currentissue-international-journal-of-mental-health-and-psychiatry.php International Journal of Mental Health & Psychiatry Volume 6, Issue 5 ?article_id=13660 Mental Health Congress 2020 Suchi ?article_id=13657 Market Analysis on WorldCongress on Psychiatry andMental Health Sam Vaknin ?article_id=13656 Awards 2020 on World Congresson Psychiatry and Mental Health Sam Vaknin ?article_id=13655 Adult Offsprings Experiencesof Living with a Parent Havingan Alcohol Misuse Problem Michael Galea ?article_id=13538 Shifting Perspectives Structures and Mechanisms of Parental Behaviour Salmon AB, Erez O , Lilov AC ArchiveJHHE/currentissue-hydrogeology-and-hydrologic-engineering.php Journal of Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering Volume 9, Issue 4 ?article_id=13497 Performance of Irrigation Systems Pinliang Dong ?article_id=13495 Abstraction of Fresh Water from Rivers Lakes and Underground Reservoirs Vincenzo Naddeo ?article_id=13493 Availability of Fantastic Quality Potable Water K W Chau ?article_id=13492 Exploitation of Ground Water Chuanhui Gu ?article_id=13428 Perched Water Tables Associated with the Vadose Zone Miklas Scholz ArchiveMMR/currentissue-medical-microbiology-reports.php Medical Microbiology Reports volume 4 and Issue 4 ?article_id=13456 A rare and interesting case of a choriodal melanoma presenting as a case of a congestive glaucoma left eye in a 55 years old male patient Gowhar Ahmad ?article_id=13455 Human Papillomavirus Infection in genital Women in four regions of Senegal El Hadji Seydou Mbaye ?article_id=13454 Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing Embryological Errors lead to congenital alformations Search for possible improvements HIT Kishore Goswami ?article_id=13452 CoVID19 pandemic induced depression and strategies for management Khushboo ?article_id=13451 New classification of Penoscrotal Positional Anomalies M A Baky Fahmy, ?article_id=13437 Psychiatric complications of SARSCoV2 infection during the COVID19 pandemic Hani Raoul Khouzam ?article_id=13435 Regulation and control of the importation exportationmanufacture advertisement distribution sale and the use ofmedicines cosmetics medical devices and chemicals         Abdeen Omer ?article_id=13434 Aneurysmal bone cyst Scarce existence in 60 years old mandible Madhumita Srivastava ?article_id=13432 Analyzing the research output of preventive chemotherapy neglected tropical diseases in Africa A Social network analysis F.T. Akinsolu ?article_id=13431 Developing resilience by practicing Anulom Vilom pranayama Ishita Chatterjee ?article_id=13429 Comparative study of the Etiologies Prevalence management of Indian vs Western countries in adrenal insufficiency Abhishek Shrivastava ?article_id=13427 Past Conference Report of 2nd World Congress on Rare Diseases   F.T. Akinsolu ArchiveJBEBT/currentissue-biochemical-bioprocess-engineering-journal.php Journal of Biochemical Engineering & Bioprocess Technology volume 3, issue 3 ?article_id=13583 Subatomic Characterization of tet M Genes in Lactobacillus Isolates from Different Types of Fermented Dry Sausage Prabha M ?article_id=13407 4th International Microfluidics CongressTheme Driving the Future with Microfluidics Biomems Bruce McCord ?article_id=13403 Market Analysis Microfluidics 2020 Bruce McCord ?article_id=13400 4th International Microfluidics CongressTheme Driving the Future with Microfluidics Biomems Bruce McCord ?article_id=13398 15th International Congress onLaser Advanced Materials ProcessingTheme Estimating Future Advancements to be Created and the Future Laser Marketing Vladimir Rumyantsev ArchiveGIGS/currentissue-geoinformatics-geostatistics.php Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview Volume 8, Issue 5 ?article_id=13555 Visualizing and Interacting with LargeVolume Diverseness Information Victimization ClientServer WebMapping Applications The Planning and Implementation of AntmapsOrg Niharika Dvivedi* ?article_id=13552 Is FieldMeasured Tree Height as Reliable as Believed Half II A Comparison Study of Tree Height Estimates from Standard Field Activity and Inexpensive CloseRange Remote Sensing in An Exceedingly Deciduous Forest Niharika Dvivedi* ?article_id=13355 The Relation between Land Tenure and Land Cover Affecting Sustainability in Cities Case Study the City of Prague May Salama1*, Jenan Hussein1, Peter A. Kumble1 and Henry Hanson2 ?article_id=13353 Geology Spectrometric Prospecting and Rare Earth Elements Geochemistry of the Fluorite Mineralization at Some Localities Eastern Desert Egypt Gehad M. Saleh*, Mohamed Abd El Monsef, and Bahaa M. Emad ?article_id=13351 Effectively Using Multispectral Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Precision Radioactive Mineral Exploration in Um Ara Um Shilman Area South Eastern Desert of Egypt Gehad M. Saleh*, Reda A. El-Arafy and Mohamed S. Kamar ArchiveRRPY/currentissue-research-and-reviews-psychology.php Research and Reviews in Psychology Volume 1, Issue 4 ?article_id=13373 Labour market inclusion longterm employment andcareer development using The Integrative Model at Shekulo Tov Group Israel Irad Eichler Shekulo ?article_id=13370 Ten years of alcohol intoxications in adolescents and treatment in pediatric departments in Dutch hospital Nicolaas van der Lely1 ?article_id=13369 Providing useful information to young adults concerning relationships development of the Relationship Evaluation and Analysis Link Revised REALR Mary Ellen McMonigle ?article_id=13354 Improving Psychotic Symptoms to Addicted Patients the Antipsychotics Medication Helped Finding the Primary Diagnose Vjollca N Ramiqi*, Pierre Monpremier peer-review/effects-of-a-single-dose-of-methylphenidate-on-cognition-in-adults-with-adhd-and-predictive-therapeutic-response-Tfrc.php?article_id=13352 Effects of a Single Dose of Methylphenidate on Cognition in Adults with ADHD and Predictive Therapeutic Response S. Ertle, L. Vanoli, A. Erb, F. Duval ?article_id=13350 Conference Announcement on Neuroscience and Psychiatry Dr. Gabriel Aleza ArchiveJCIR/currentissue-journal-clinical-immunology-research.php Journal of Clinical Immunology and Research Volume 3, Issue 4 ?article_id=13659 Immunophenotypic Characterization of ART naive HIV Infected Adults in Kombewa Subcounty Kisumu A Cross Sectional Study of Rural Population in Western Kenya Jew Ochola, Jackson C. Korir, Walter Otieno, Julie Ake, Christina Polyak and David H. Mulama ?article_id=13346 Publication Cutting Edge in Fundamental Lupus Erythematous Thomas Clayton Coleman ?article_id=13345 Noradrenergic Signaling and Neuroinflammation Crosstalk Regulate Toxoplasma GondiiInduced Behavioral Changes Leandro Bueno Bergantin ?article_id=13341 Bleeding Edge Information in Autoimmunity As Introduced in the Ninth Worldwide Congress of Autoimmunity Giulio Tarro ?article_id=13340 Is the Resistant Neuroendocrine Framework the Association among Epipharyngitis and Constant Exhaustion Condition Instigated by HPV Immunization Giulio Tarro ArchiveJFND/currentissue-food-nutritional-disorders.php Journal of Food and Nutritional Disorders Volume 9 Issue 5, Sports Exercise and Nutrition peer-review/clinical-nutrition-2017-the-weight-loss-effects-of-using-a-patented-delivery-system-of-oral-serotonin-robert-b-posner-serotonin-so-aqj8.php?article_id=13299 Clinical Nutrition 2017 The Weight Loss Effects of Using a Patented Delivery System of Oral Serotonin Robert B Posner Serotonin Solutions Robert B Posner peer-review/clinical-nutrition-2017-association-between-lifestyle-dietary-factors-and-body-composition-among-notre-dame-university-students-a--1lCK.php?article_id=13295 Clinical Nutrition 2017 Association between lifestyle dietary factors and body composition among Notre Dame University students A crosssectional study Jessy El Hayek Notre Dame University Jessy El Hayek, Sibelle Al Hayek, Jaafar Jaafar, Nathalie Djabrayan and Antoine Farhat peer-review/clinical-nutrition-2017-synergistic-efficacy-of-combined-whole-grape-seed-flour-and-kefirderived-lactic-acid-bacteria-reduces-high-ecRV.php?article_id=13293 Clinical Nutrition 2017 Synergistic efficacy of combined whole grape seed flour and kefirderived lactic acid bacteria reduces highfat hfinduced obesity Hyunsook Kim Hanyang University Hyunsook Kim, Jihye Kwan, Yun-ju Cho, Dong-Hyun Kim, Hong-seok Kim and Kun-Ho Seo peer-review/clinical-nutrition-2017-glutathione-in-parenteral-nutrition-prevents-both-the-oxidative-stress-and-hypo-alveolarization-in-lungs-o-5jMr.php?article_id=13292 Clinical Nutrition 2017 Glutathione in parenteral nutrition prevents both the oxidative stress and hypo alveolarization in lungs of newborn guinea pigs Jean Claude Lavoie Universite de Montreal Jean Claude Lavoie peer-review/clinical-nutrition-2017-understanding-obesity-among-women-in-erbil-the-autonomous-region-of-kurdistan-iraq-using-nutritional-indic-wV8I.php?article_id=13289 Clinical Nutrition 2017 Understanding obesity among women in Erbil the autonomous region of Kurdistan Iraq using nutritional indicators and geographic data Lisa Pawloski George Mason University Lisa Pawloski, Kevin Curtin, Taban Rasheed, Hamdia Ahmad and Arshi Moktader ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 4, Issue 6 ?article_id=13288 Diagnosing and treating Slipping Rib Syndrome An unusual case of undiagnosed pain for 5 years Azar Hussain ?article_id=13238 COVID19 and Tension Pneumothorax Life threatening complication of COVID 19 patients on Noninvasive ventilation or mechanical ventilation Often missed but must not be missed Mayank Vats ?article_id=13237 Vulnerability of users of Tobacco Nicotine in any form including Ecigarettes to COVID 19 Rakesh Gupta ?article_id=13235 Effects of pursedlip breathing and forward trunk lean postures on total and compartmental lung volumes and ventilation in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Tantisuwat A ?article_id=13234 Emerging landscape in the management of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD Role of Pidotimod Pradyut Waghray ?article_id=13233 Difficult to treat Asthma in adults and adolescents Priyanka Gupta ?article_id=13231 Seasonality and trend analysis of Tuberculosis in Madhya Pradesh India Pranveer Singh ?article_id=13230 A novel TidalBreathing Respiratory Monitoring Device and a study of symptomatic asthmatics during the first month of Corticosteroid treatment Jeremy Walsh ?article_id=13229 Risk factors by prolonged weaning by COPD GOLD D Patients Lavae-Mokhtari M ?article_id=13228 Detection and characterization of CardioPulmonary PathoPhysiological States and diseases by Transthoracic Parametric Doppler TPD Bushra Mina ?article_id=13227 Pathophysiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease John Klir ?article_id=13225 COPD updates Bushra Mina ?article_id=13224 The use of Functional Respiratory Imaging in improving personalized medicine in COPD J. De Backer ArchiveJLDT/currentissue-liver-disease-transplantation.php Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation Volume 9, Issue 5 peer-review/chronic-hepatitis-c-genotype1-RGzg.php?article_id=13223 Chronic hepatitis C Genotype1 Chandapure Sindhura peer-review/antipsychotic-drugs-affecting-liver-w3M7.php?article_id=13222 Antipsychotic drugs affecting liver Anusha Polampelli peer-review/fatty-liver-disease-after-liver-transplantation-mkdv.php?article_id=13221 Fatty Liver Disease after Liver Transplantation Anusha Polampelli peer-review/alcohol-induced-liver-diseaseand-its-treatment-YcIR.php?article_id=13220 Alcohol induced liver diseaseand its Treatment Lakshmi Vasudha Yirrinki* peer-review/prevalence-of-viral-hepatitisb-and-c-in-thedistrict-bannukhyber-pakhtunkhwa-pakistan-wzIm.php?article_id=13219 Prevalence of Viral HepatitisB and C in TheDistrict BannuKhyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Muhammad Ashraf Khan ArchiveAGM/currentissue-aging-geriatric-medicine.php Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine Special Issue Ageing and Geriatric Medicine ?article_id=13150 Conference Announcement on International Conference on Cosmetology Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Conference Series ?article_id=13149 Hand Hygiene Among Health Care Workers During COVID19 Pandemic Challenges and Recommendations Sahar Dadkhahfar     ?article_id=13148 Innovative Technology for Understanding the Molecular Pathogenesis of COVID 19 Infection Pravin D. Potdar ?article_id=13147 Cosmetic Claims Noran El Bosseli ?article_id=13146 Aging immune system immunosenescence and the skin H. Bing Thio ?article_id=13145 Formulation and production of antimicrobial bath gel David Ferdinand Uche ArchiveLPMA/currentissue-la-prensa-medica.php La Prensa Medica Special IssueCancer Research Webinar ?article_id=13132 ShortTerm Molecular Effects of Boost versus Radical Doses of Intraoperative electron Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer Tumor Bed Using Highthroughput Approaches Minoo Shahani   ?article_id=13131 Miracles of comprehensive NonPharmacological approaches An optimized cancer treatment for children Samira Ali Kreidie   ?article_id=13130 In Vitro Photothermal Destruction of Cancer Cells Using Gold Nanoparticles Mehrnaz Mostafavi ?article_id=13129 The Purpose of Temperature of Fever in Covid 19  K. M. Yacob     ?article_id=13128 Differential expression of autophagyrelated genes is associated with clinical outcomes of patients with acute myelocytic leukemia Ayla Fakhimadnadi ArchiveRRPY/currentissue-research-and-reviews-psychology.php Research and Reviews in Psychology Special Issue on Neuroscience and Psychiatry ?article_id=13117 Exploring the relationship between Student WellBeing Identity and University Culture SWIC Study Nkasi Stoll ?article_id=13115 A reflexion about Mindfulness benefits at workplace Dr Valérie COESTER ?article_id=13114 Dont judge lateonset OCD by its cover watch out for Lewy Body Dementia FRILEUX Solène ?article_id=13113 PARAVENTRICULAR THALAMUS PROVIDES A POLYSYNAPTIC BRAKE ONLIMBIC CRF NEURONS TO SEXDEPENDENTLY BLUNT RISKY ALCOHOLDRINKING AND AVOIDANCE BEHAVIOR Olivia Levine ?article_id=13112 History racism and the haunting of American psychiatry Mab Segrest1 ?article_id=13110 No Shame The Importance of Parent Child Communication about Sex SelfConfidenceand Healthy Relationships Dr. Lea DeFrancisci Lis ?article_id=13109 Meditation a therapy between tradition and innovation Dr Jean Sixou ?article_id=13108 Mindfulness Based Intervention for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms S. Gabriela Torres ?article_id=13107 THE LEARNING DISABLING EFFECTS OF MINDSHAME Dr. David Boulton ?article_id=13106 Heart Rate Variability New Perspectives on Assessment of Stress and Health Risk at theWorkplace Dr. Adrian Low ?article_id=13100 Conference Announcement on Neuroscience and Psychiatry Gabriel Aleza ArchiveJBHM/currentissue-business-hotel-management.php Journal of Business and Hotel Management Special Issue on Business Management Accounting and Marketing ?article_id=13088 The alignment between business sustainability and management accounting Zabihollah (Zabi) Rezaee ?article_id=13087 Determinants of Capital Adequacy in Private Banks of Pakistan Shakira Fareed ?article_id=13086 International Awareness of Technology and Entrepreneurship Sairamya Kurapati ?article_id=13082 The American University in Cairo School of Global Affairs and Public Policy Rwan Zakria Abdelrhman ?article_id=13081 Is Big Data safe for knowledge management Radu Bucea-Manea-Tonis ?article_id=13080 Influence of online word of mouth Nidhi Avasthi ?article_id=13079 Management Accounting Tools and Trends An Investigation of Its Usefulness and Relationship among the Philippines SMEs Joy Lynn R. Legaspi ?article_id=13078 Strategic Outsourcing as an alternative paradigm to banks performance Evidence from selected Nigerian banks Joseph Ifeanyi John ?article_id=13077 MEDIATION OUTCOMES TYPE OF CONFLICT AND THIRD PARTY AFFILIATION INFLUENCE TRUST PERCEIVED Jorge Cea Rodríguez ?article_id=13076 P2P Debt and the Capital Structure of Private Firms Jerry Coakley ?article_id=13075 Effective Leadership in the Midst of Organizational Transtion James Bush ?article_id=13074 Rule growth in heterarchical organizations The case of Holacracy Erik Strauss ?article_id=13073 The Impact of Competition and Technology Innovation on Firm Performance in Nigeria A Case Study of the Telecommunication Industry in Nigeria D.O. OLAYUNGBO ?article_id=13072 THE IMPACT OF FDI ON INDIAN ECONOMY A CASE STUDY Butta Singh ?article_id=13071 EFFECTS OF MARKETING STRATEGIES ON THE PERFORMANCE OF RETAIL STORES IN NIGERIA ABAYOMI AJIBIKE ?article_id=13069 Past conference report on Business Management Accounting and Marketing Sarah Eve ArchivePMJ/currentissue-pulmonary-medicine.php Journal of Pulmonary Medicine Volume 4 Issue 5 ?article_id=13479 TARGETING ALARMIN CYTOKINES IN THE TREATMENT OF SEVERE ASTHMA Nightingale Syabbalo   ?article_id=13381 Ten Day Exposure to Hypochlorous Acid Wonder Spray Fog Results in no Detectable Effect on Blood Metabolic Panel and Minimal Lung Pathology John F. Burd ?article_id=13380 Unilateral Giant Lung Bulla Placental transmogrification should be in Mind Abdel-Mohsen Mahmoud Hamad1 ?article_id=13083 Quality of Life Hearing Loss and Cancer Treatment Priscila Feliciano de Oliveira ?article_id=13038 Endonasal Tongue in Groove Septoplasty Medhat T ArchiveJABCB/currentissue-applied-bioinformatics-computational-biology.php Journal of Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Volume 9, Issue 5 peer-review/a-short-commentary-on-rna-polymerase-gLTY.php?article_id=13244 A Short Commentary on RNA Polymerase Gowthami Bainaboina1 * peer-review/gproteincoupled-receptors-xghJ.php?article_id=13243 GProteinCoupled Receptors Gowthami Bainaboina1 * peer-review/genetic-variation-in-mathematic-ability-3hn8.php?article_id=13242 Genetic Variation in Mathematic Ability Gowthami Bainaboina1 * peer-review/computeraided-probing-of-the-pathogenic-snps-of-spartin-protein-associated-with-hereditary-spastic-paraplegia-3i9n.php?article_id=13047 ComputerAided Probing of the Pathogenic SNPs of Spartin Protein Associated with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Ammara Akhtar*, Sobia Nazir Ch and Mureed Hussain ?article_id=13034 In Silico Molecular Docking Study of Some Already Approved Antiviral Drugs Vitamins and Phytochemical Components Against Rna Dependent Rna Polymerase of SarsCov2 Virus Md. Nabil1, Rafat Alam2*, Quazi Ashiqur Rahman3, Md.Mahabub Ul Islam4 and Md. Ali Asif Noor5 ArchiveJHMM/currentissue-health-informatics.php Journal of Health Informatics & Management Volume 4, Issue 4 ?article_id=13621 Impact of Decentralized Automated Dispensing Robotics Machine on Patient Medication Compliance in an Institutional Ward at the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center Frank Chen, Kelli Ringressy, Kimberly Andrews, Katharina Corder ?article_id=13617 Medical Informatics Conference scheduled on July 2728 2020 at Zurich Switzerland Dr. Hoda Dahroug ?article_id=13506 Advances in Health Informatics Warren S Eller ?article_id=13049 The Impact of the Workflow ReEngineering of Outpatient Operation In a Hospital Pharmacy A New Model with Advanced Screening by Pharmacist Wilson W Chu, Eugene Leung, Ronnie F Tsang, Shirley W Yip, Jacob K So, Kathy H Fung, Zac Wong, Jessica Chan and Charles Lo ?article_id=12984 The Role of Clinical Leadership in Health Information Technology Adoption in the Gulf Cooperation Council CountriesA Scoping Review Shaharyar Khan ArchiveCOCR/currentissue-clinical-oncology-case-reports.php Clinical Oncology: Case Reports Volume 3, Issue 5 peer-review/sequential-decitabine-and-carboplatin-induced-stabilisation-of-tumour-burden-in-a-patient-with-immunotherapyresistant-metastatic-m-efZT.php?article_id=13084 Sequential Decitabine and Carboplatin Induced Stabilisation of Tumour Burden in a Patient with ImmunotherapyResistant Metastatic Melanoma Andre Van der Westhuizen, Naomi Knoblauch, Moira C Graves, Richard Levy, Luke Hesson, Ricardo E Vilain and Nikola A Bowden peer-review/gemcitabine-cardiotoxicity-two-case-report-and-review-of-the-literature-UxfH.php?article_id=13036 Gemcitabine Cardiotoxicity Two Case Report and Review of the Literature Marie Valero, Thomas Gilbert, Chauvenet, Anissa Bouali, Marc Bonnefoy and Claire Falandry peer-review/extreme-response-to-immunotherapy-in-an-estrogen-receptor-positive-breast-cancer-a-case-report-NUfj.php?article_id=12977 Extreme Response to Immunotherapy in an Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer A Case Report Rebecca Fitzpatrick and Melody Cobleigh peer-review/secondary-cutaneous-myeloid-sarcoma-treated-with-nanoliposomal-encapsulation-of-daunorubicin-and-cytarabine-jNxC.php?article_id=12956 Secondary Cutaneous Myeloid Sarcoma Treated with Nanoliposomal Encapsulation of Daunorubicin and Cytarabine Andrew Gdowski, Lawrence Aung, Tucker Pope, Megan Kressin and Om Pandey peer-review/synergism-between-sequential-immunotherapy-and-radiotherapy-in-a-malignant-pleural-mesothelioma-patient-7u5l.php?article_id=12955 Synergism Between Sequential Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy in A Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Patient Criel M, Vandermeulen A, Vanhove K, Van De Kerkhove C, Nackaerts K, Lambrecht M, Berkovic P peer-review/elective-colectomy-in-a-patient-with-active-ulcerative-colitis-and-metastatic-melanoma-enabling-successful-treatment-with-immune-c-OCZD.php?article_id=12954 Elective Colectomy in a Patient with Active Ulcerative Colitis and Metastatic Melanoma Enabling Successful Treatment with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Ana Luisa Perdigoto, Thuy Tran, Natalie Patel, Pamela Clark, Kanchi Patell, Angeliki M Stamatouli, Vikram Reddy, James Clune, Kevan C Herold, Marie E Robert and Harriet M Kluger ArchiveAT/currentissue-archives-transplantation.php Archives of Transplantation Volume 4 Issue 4 ?article_id=12920 International Surgery and Surgeons Meet on Announcement of Surgeons Meet 2020 Raimondo Ascione ?article_id=12919 11th International Conference on General Surgery Surgical Research Xiaojuan Xu ?article_id=12918 8th Global Experts Meeting On Plastic Aesthetic Surgery 2020 Hamid Hussain ?article_id=12917 Conference Announcement of 11th International Conference on General Surgery Surgical Research Xiaojuan Xu ?article_id=12916 Refining the Risks in Living Kidney Donation A Narrative Update Sharma N ArchiveJFTTE/currentissue-fashion-technology-textile-engineering.php Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering Volume 8 Issue 4 peer-review/the-use-of-high-performance-textile-surfaces-in-sport-shoe-designs-fey3.php?article_id=12809 The use of High Performance Textile Surfaces in Sport Shoe Designs Gulas SB, Imre HM peer-review/an-experimental-analysis-into-thread-cycling-recovery-on-seam-appearance-2PLD.php?article_id=12787 An Experimental Analysis into Thread Cycling Recovery on Seam Appearance Amir M, Stylios GK peer-review/study-of-the-mechanical-properties-of-hemp-fibers-treated-with-supercritical-co2-fluid-VURJ.php?article_id=12786 Study of the Mechanical Properties of Hemp Fibers Treated with Supercritical CO2 Fluid Harrabi L, Almuhamed R , Drean JY peer-review/amalgamation-of-art-and-fashion-0ol2.php?article_id=12785 Amalgamation of Art and Fashion Mahamunkar K , Tulshyan A  peer-review/development-of-size-chart-of-key-measurement-for-plus-size-women-category-in-india-vqpU.php?article_id=12776 Development of Size Chart of Key Measurement for Plus Size Women Category in India Kumari A, Anand N ArchiveJEEET/currentissue-electrical-engineering-electronic-technology.php Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology Special Issue Robotics and AI ?article_id=12600 Intelligente inspection of teel defects using image classification Kateb Yousra   ?article_id=12598 Gait generation methods for Stable Walk of Biped Robot Ruchi Panwar   ?article_id=12597 Image Analysis for the Classification of Brain Tumor Location on MR Images Roya Choupani   ?article_id=12594 Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Decision Making in Autonomous Driving Pin Wang   ?article_id=12592 Optimizing Automated Robotics Processes with AI for Smarter Services Muhammad ALZAHRANI   ?article_id=12591 Concept of the production tool system for a smallscale mining robot Michael Berner ?article_id=12590 Robotics Robotics in elementary school Marina Lakčević   ?article_id=12588 Dualactuated Vibration Suppression Technology for a Rotary Systems position on a VibratingFrame Disturbance Rejection and Active Damping Kamand Bagherian   ?article_id=12587 RoboticsAI are Important to Public Education Curriculum Charles Fritz Ed.D ?article_id=12586 AICarPreCrash Engine An Innovative RealTime Hybrid Intelligent Techniques for AutonomousVehicle Robot PreCrash Engine Bassant M. 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build bridges between professionals to improve access to dermatology Lydia Gauthie ?article_id=12084 Energy Imbalances and Chakras Energy Deficiencies in the Treatment of Acne Huang Wei Ling ?article_id=12077 Energy Alterations In The Formation And Treatment Of Scleroderma Huang Wei Ling ?article_id=12070 Case Report Clinical Features And Treatment Of Red Skin Syndrome Due To Misuse Of Cosmetic Beauty Products Containing Topical Corticosteroids In Vietnam Phuong Nguyen Thi Thanh ?article_id=12064 Association of inducible nitric oxide synthase iNOS gene promoter polymorphism with vitiligo susceptibility in Saudis Abdulrahman Al-Asmari ArchiveJOR/currentissue-otology-rhinology.php Journal of Otology & Rhinology Volume 9, Issue 5 ?article_id=12041 Flex your research execution at 7th International Conference on Rhinology Otology during October 2223 2020 in Tokyo Japan Riya Olivia ?article_id=12040 Otolaryngology 2020 scheduled in Tokyo Japan during October 2223 2020 Riya Olivia 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Computation analysis on different meander shaped microfluidic channel for separatingvarious biomolecules Praveen Kumar S ?article_id=11945 Methods for the refinement of protein structure 3D models Recep Adiyaman ?article_id=11944 Retinal vascular network based Biomimetic Microchannel for LOC applications Sudha R Karbari ?article_id=11943 Direct fabrication of fluctuated walls in ceramic tubes by lithographic additive manufacturing Soshu Kirihara ?article_id=11942 Microplastic detection using impedance measurements in a microfluidic channel Vienna Mott ?article_id=11941 Microflow analysis with monolithic columns Petr Solich ?article_id=11940 A microfluidicbased sensor with a builtin probe for conformal mechanical measurements of different anatomical sites at the exterior surface of human Pectus Carinatum PC costal cartilage Jiayue Shen ?article_id=11939 Hydrogen adsorption capacities of natural and salt treated zeolite Cagatay Ezber ?article_id=11938 Modular noncontact and nonintrusive microwavemicrofluidic sensing platform for energy and biomedical engineering Sadabadi H ?article_id=11937 Design and production of a microfluidic device for the capture of circulating highly metastatic cancer cell clusters Peter Teriete ?article_id=11936 Modern physics and the entropical time absolute time dilated time measured time and the confusions in understanding physics Durgadas Datta ?article_id=11929 Microplastic detection using impedance measurements in a microfluidic channel Vienna Mott ?article_id=11928 Optical manipulation of nanoparticles ?article_id=11927 3D Printing A Paradigm shift for LabonChip and microfluidic devices Elliot McAllister ?article_id=11925 Artificial intelligent pointofcare tools for rapid diagnostics of trauma Deniz Vurmaz ?article_id=11923 A flexible and highly conducting bioelectrode utilizing nanostructured ceria for detection of VitaminD in serum sample Deepika Chauhan ?article_id=11922 Viscosity of blood and its relation with the biomechanical properties of red blood cells Claudia A. 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ArchiveCBRT/currentissue-cell-biology-research-therapy.php Cell Biology: Research & Therapy Volume 9 issue 1 ?article_id=11062 Effect of Bas21082109 Two Component System on Multicellular Behavior of Bacillus anthracis Kanika Jain,Rakesh Bhatnagar, Pooja Gulati,Vatika Gupta peer-review/editorial-note-for-journal-cell-biology-research--therapy-tJbB.php?article_id=11003 Editorial Note for Journal Cell Biology Research Therapy ArchiveJLDT/currentissue-liver-disease-transplantation.php Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation volume 9, Issue 2 ?article_id=11312 Detecting impending clinical syndromes of Hepatocellular carcinoma by implementing Hierarchical feature of selection process based on improved optimization algorithm Liqing Ma , Jianmei Wang ?article_id=10984 Journal of Liver Diseases and Transplantation Editorial Note Carlo Spirli ArchiveJCNM/currentissue-journal-clinical-nutrition-metabolism.php Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Volume 4, Issue 1 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peer-review/descriptive-epidemiological-and-pathological-study-of-canine-renal-cell-carcinoma-m5SO.php?article_id=11338 Descriptive Epidemiological and Pathological Study of Canine Renal Cell Carcinoma Maria Helena Bellini1*, Amanda Soares Jorge2, Matheo Bellini Marumo3 and Soraia Barbosa de Oliveira1   peer-review/loop-mediated-isothermal-amplification-system-lamp-a-comprehensive-review-with-special-reference-to-veterinary-medicine-yIBE.php?article_id=10577 Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification System LAMP A Comprehensive Review with Special Reference to Veterinary Medicine Venkatesan G*, Kushwaha A, Kumar A, Poulinlu G, Karki M, Sasikumar P peer-review/prevalence-etiology-and-risk-factors-of-endometritis-in-zebus-cattle-slaughtered-at-the-municipal-abattoir-of-ngaoundere-adamawa-r-4Euz.php?article_id=10576 Prevalence Etiology and Risk Factors of Endometritis in Zebus Cattle Slaughtered at the Municipal Abattoir of Ngaoundere Adamawa Region Cameroon Ngu Ngwa V, Justin K, Djanan GWN and Zoli AP ArchiveJLDT/currentissue-liver-disease-transplantation.php Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation Volume 9, Issue 1 ?article_id=10538 Young Research Forum Young Scientist Awards Liver Diseases 2020 Singapore December 0708 2020 Antonio Iannetti ArchiveJLDT/currentissue-liver-disease-transplantation.php Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation Volume 8, Issue 4 ?article_id=10535 Young Researchers Forum Young Scientist Awards Liver Transplant 2020 Vinod Nikhra ?article_id=10532 International Conference on Liver Diseases Antonio Iannetti Volume 9, Issue 6 peer-review/awards-of-7th-international-conference-and-expo-on-novel-physiotherapies-physical-therapy-rehabilitation-2020-may-2526-2020-barcel-Bqij.php?article_id=10433 Awards of 7th International Conference and Expo on Novel Physiotherapies Physical Therapy rehabilitation 2020 May 2526 2020 Barcelona Spain Dr. Md. Monoarul Haque ArchiveJAE/currentissue-athletic-enhancement.php Journal of Athletic Enhancement Volume 9, Issue 7 ?article_id=13563 Power Production and Development in Youth Athletes The Effects of Training Load Kelton Mehls, Brandon Grubbs, Sandra Stevens, John Coons and Ying Jin ?article_id=13562 Effects of Eagle Claw Kung Fu on Gross Motor Skills and Physical Fitness in Children with ADHD A Preliminary Study George Gkikopoulos ?article_id=13561 Effects of 10Week SoccerSpecific Functional Training Program on Sports Performance Indices in Young Male Players Reza Siamaki, Nadjmeh Afhami and Hooman Minoonejad ?article_id=13483 Combination Training is more Effective than Singular Modalities in Enhancing Physical and Psychological Status in Male Soccer Players with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions Ounis OB, Hammami R, Moran J, Hammami A, Salah FZB, Sofien Kasmi S peer-review/announcement-of-7th-international-conference-and-expo-on-novel-physiotherapies-physical-therapy-rehabilitation-2020-may-2526-2020--Ve4J.php?article_id=10432 Announcement of 7th International Conference and Expo on Novel Physiotherapies Physical Therapy rehabilitation 2020 May 2526 2020 Barcelona Spain Dr. Md. 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G. 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Disorders Annie Fonfa ArchiveJBHM/currentissue-business-hotel-management.php Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 5 Issue 1 peer-review/young-scientist-award-at-enterprenuer-2020-DGBr.php?article_id=10490 Young Scientist Award at Enterprenuer 2020 Alireza Heidari peer-review/the-businessperson-forever-look-for-amendment-responds-to-that-and-exploits-it-as-an-opportunity-vF0X.php?article_id=10368 The Businessperson forever look for amendment responds to that and Exploits it as an opportunity Isham Alzoubi peer-review/awards-2020-of-world-entrepreneur-summits-riHp.php?article_id=10367 Awards 2020 of World Entrepreneur Summits Isham Alzoubi peer-review/market-analysis-of-world-entrepreneur-summits-rxNd.php?article_id=10366 Market Analysis of World Entrepreneur Summits Dr. Ashraf Tag-Eldeen peer-review/conference-announcement-for-global-entrepreneurship-summit-rwaG.php?article_id=10365 Conference Announcement for Global Entrepreneurship Summit Ashraf Tag-Eldeen, peer-review/young-researchers-forum--young-scientist-awards-global-entrepreneurship-summit-2020-IfmQ.php?article_id=9888 Young Researchers Forum Young Scientist Awards Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 Dr. Ashraf Tag-Eldeen ArchiveJLDT/currentissue-liver-disease-transplantation.php Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation Volume 8, Issue 1 ?article_id=9803 International Conference on Liver Diseases Antonio Iannetti ?article_id=9801 Global congress on Liver Hepatitis 2020 FERNANDO ALVAREZ ArchiveCICR/currentissue-clinical-images-case-reports.php Journal of Clinical Images and Case Reports Volume 4, Issue 2 ?article_id=9790 Market Analysis on Clinical Medical Case Reports Suresh Vatsyayann ArchiveLPMA/currentissue-la-prensa-medica.php La Prensa Medica Volume 105 Issue 3 peer-review/a-case-of-jra-with-tuberculosis-hypertrophic-cranial-pachymeningitis-CwVp.pdf?article_id=9463 A Review on Endocrine Disruptors A Historic Perspective Epidemiological Studies Adil Omar Bahathiq peer-review/role-of-religious-coping-selfefficacy-social-support-and-resiliency-in-cancer-patients-ahU4.pdf?article_id=9462 MyoInositol Oxygenase Expression Associate with Oxidative Stress and Renal Function Decline in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy Adil Omar Bahathiq* peer-review/investigate-the-factors-involved-in-the-prognosis-of-hospitalized-children-undergoing-cardiopulmonary-resuscitation-cpr-in-the-hos-fZBp.pdf?article_id=9461 Investigate the Factors Involved in the Prognosis of Hospitalized Children Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR in the Hospital PICU Ali Arjmand, Nazanin Khosravi, Fakhroddin Shariatmadari, Mohammad Rafie and Parsa Yousefi peer-review/correlation-between-attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-and-giggle-incontinence-84Br.pdf?article_id=9460 Correlation between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Giggle Incontinence Zahra Broumand, Parsa Yousefichaijan, Bahman Salehi, Mohammad Rafiei and Alireza Kamali peer-review/a-comparative-study-to-illustrate-the-effects-of-beta1-adrenergic-receptor-allelic-polymorphism-on-disease-outcome-in-iraqi-patien-XzhF.pdf?article_id=9459 A Comparative Study to illustrate the Effects of Beta1 Adrenergic Receptor Allelic Polymorphism on Disease Outcome in Iraqi Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome on Metoprolol Therapy Asma A Swadi, Bassim I Mohammad, Najah R Hadi and Hayder Al-Aubaidy peer-review/investigating-individual-satisfaction-and-dependent-factors-in-emergency-medicine-specialists-in-relation-to-the-major-selection-a-nA2x.pdf?article_id=9457 Investigating Individual Satisfaction and Dependent Factors in Emergency Medicine Specialists in Relation to the Major Selection A Qualitative Study Hasan Amiri, Gholam Reza Masumi, Nazanin Koushki, Zahra Soleimani Moghadam and Mahya Naderkhani peer-review/effect-of-drug-abusing-on-treatment-outcomes-among-tuberculosis-patients-with-respect-to-gender-disparities-xR8o.pdf?article_id=9456 Effect of Drug Abusing on Treatment Outcomes among Tuberculosis Patients with Respect to Gender Disparities Zeeshan Munir, Zohra Bhatti, Madeeha Laghari, Nafees Ahmed, Long Chiau Ming, Amer Hayat Khan peer-review/explaining-the-effects-of-psychological-factors-trauma-exposure-dissociation-emotion-dysregulation-and-alexithymia-on-deliberate-s-jevd.pdf?article_id=9455 Explaining the Effects of Psychological Factors Trauma Exposure Dissociation Emotion Dysregulation and Alexithymia on Deliberate Selfharm with the Mediating Roles of Dissociation and Emotion Dysregulation Golnoosh Shahbaz, Maryam Bakhtiari, Mohammad Davazdahemami and Mohsen Saberi peer-review/evaluation-of-the-effect-of-dexmedetomidine-on-hemodynamic-changes-and-recovery-time-in-patients-undergoing-dilatation-and-curetta-ZLPj.pdf?article_id=9454 Evaluation of the Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Hemodynamic Changes and Recovery Time in Patients Undergoing Dilatation and Curettage Hossein Sattari, Morteza Hashemian, Mehrdad Noroozi and Azita Khaloueipour peer-review/effect-of-intravenous-immunoglobulin-on-bilateral-sixth-nerve-palsy-in-chronic-inflammatory-demyelinating-polyneuropathy-a-case-st-UHOl.pdf?article_id=9452 Effect of Intravenous Immunoglobulin on Bilateral Sixth Nerve Palsy in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy A Case Study Behnam Safarpour Lima, Sepideh Paybast, Mahtab Ramezani and Mohammad Sistanizad peer-review/myelomeningocele-associated-with-deletion-of-22q11-and-normal-posterior-fossa-prenatal-diagnosis-oatz.pdf?article_id=9451 Myelomeningocele Associated with Deletion of 22q11 and Normal Posterior Fossa Prenatal Diagnosis Adeleh Dadkhah and Ladan Younesi peer-review/study-of-pediatrician-knowledge-level-about-children-oraldental-health-during-residency-program-between-2012-and-2014-in-medical-u-9Bxg.pdf?article_id=9450 Study of Pediatrician Knowledge Level about Children OralDental Health during Residency Program between 2012 and 2014 in Medical Universities Mohammad Nasiri, Shima Salehi and Ali Reza Negahi peer-review/effects-of-enzyme-replacement-therapy-on-the-respiratory-and-motor-functions-among-patients-with-lateonset-pompe-disease-for-longt-5btL.pdf?article_id=9449 Effects of Enzyme Replacement Therapy on the Respiratory and Motor Functions Among Patients with LateOnset Pompe Disease for LongTerm Khadijeh Haji Naghi Tehrani, Sahar Aslzadeh, Mehrnosh Boroomandpoor, Seyed Hamid Reza Moezzi, Fatemeh Moosavi and Mehdi Vahiddastjerdi peer-review/comparative-protective-effect-of-zileuton-and-mk886-against-acute-kidney-injury-induced-by-doxorubicin-62cL.pdf?article_id=9448 Comparative Protective Effect of Zileuton and MK886 against Acute Kidney Injury Induced by Doxorubicin Ahmed M Sultan, Hussam H Sahib, Hussein A Saheb and Bassim I Mohammad peer-review/prophylactic-effect-of-a-low-dose-of-tranexamic-acid-on-reducing-bleeding-in-septorhinoplasty-Egpa.pdf?article_id=9447 Prophylactic Effect of a Low Dose of Tranexamic Acid on Reducing Bleeding in Septorhinoplasty Jahangir Ghorbani, Shideh Dabir, Sara Roudgari and Nasim Raad ArchiveARCR/currentissue-analgesia-resuscitation-current-research.php Analgesia & Resuscitation : Current Research Volume 8, Issue 2 peer-review/the-role-of-bedside-transthoracic-echocardiography-ultrasound-as-a-guide-in-myocardial-dysfunction-after-abortion-a-case-report-x6eI.php?article_id=8283 The Role of Bedside Transthoracic Echocardiography Ultrasound as a Guide in Myocardial Dysfunction after Abortion A Case Report Calvo A, López-Baamonde M, Masgoret P, Erdoes G, Chanzá M, Caballero A, Borrat X and Mercadal J ArchiveAT/currentissue-archives-transplantation.php Archives of Transplantation Volume 4, Issue 5 peer-review/organ-donation-attitudes-and-practices-among-older-adults-participating-in-evidencebased-health-programs-qLrH.php?article_id=7886 Organ Donation Attitudes and Practices Among Older Adults Participating in EvidenceBased Health Programs Caitlin Loughery, Nanhua Zhang, Allyce Haney Smith, Ken Resnicow, Taneisha Campbell, Suzanne Culbertson, Pratima Sharma and Ann M Andrews peer-review/de-novo-persistent-postlung-transplantation-hla-donorspecific-antibodies-dsa-but-not-preformed-dsa-are-associated-with-worse-survi-SJh5.php?article_id=7854 De Novo Persistent PostLung Transplantation HLA DonorSpecific Antibodies DSA but not Preformed DSA are Associated with Worse Survival and a Higher Risk of Developing Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Christophe Picard, Agnès Basire, Anderson Loundou, Matthieu Pelardy, Jacques Chiaroni, Pascal Thomas, Carine Gomez and Martine Reynaud-Gaubert peer-review/renal-transplant-for-patients-on-longterm-dialysis-20-or-more-years-at-our-center-Dgzl.php?article_id=7606 Renal Transplant for Patients on Longterm dialysis 20 or more years at our Center Koichi Kozaki, Naoki Adachi, Nahoko Ohtani, Akiho Okada, Taketo Kato, Kenji Yuzawa and Tohru Terashima peer-review/estimates-of-glomerular-filtration-rate-in-liver-transplant-recipients-are-not-accurate-a-role-for-24hour-urine-creatinine-clearan-5xvM.php?article_id=7487 Estimates of Glomerular Filtration Rate in Liver Transplant Recipients are not Accurate A Role for 24Hour Urine Creatinine Clearance Mark W Russo, Krista Bossi, Gale Groseclose, David M Levi, Lon Eskind, Bennett Noell, Anderson WE, Philippe J Zamor and Vincent Casingal peer-review/does-laterality-influence-outcomes-in-paired-expanded-criteria-deceased-donor-kidney-transplantation-it-all-depends-on-which-side--krfs.php?article_id=7484 Does Laterality Influence Outcomes in Paired Expanded Criteria Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation It All Depends on which Side Youre on Hany El-Hennawy, Muhammad A Khan, David Harriman, Alan C Farney, Jeffrey Rogers, Giuseppe Orlando, Amber Reeves-Daniel, Michael Gautreaux, William Doares, Scott Kaczmorski and Robert J Stratta ArchiveJPEY/currentissue-proteomics-enzymology.php Journal of Proteomics & Enzymology Volume 6, Issue 2 peer-review/prevalence-of-vitamin-d-deficiency-in-karachi-GZgd.php?article_id=7103 Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Karachi Sobia S, Mahjabeen Sultana and Farhan E peer-review/effects-of-vitamin-d-combined-with-aspirin-or-atorvastatin-on-plasma-lipid-profiles-and-lipid-peroxidation-in-tritonxinduced-hyper-P0rp.php?article_id=7102 Effects of Vitamin D Combined with Aspirin or Atorvastatin on Plasma Lipid Profiles and Lipid Peroxidation in TritonXInduced Hyperlipidemia in Rats Adedapo DA and Ogunfowora OO peer-review/optimization-of-biodegradation-process-for-disperse-textile-dyes-using-brown-rot-fungi-YXPg.php?article_id=6921 Optimization of Biodegradation Process for Disperse Textile Dyes Using Brown Rot Fungi S Sidra Batool and Anum Hanif peer-review/evaluation-of-tryptic-peptides-from-neisseria-meningitidis-outer-membrane-proteins-pora-and-porbdigestion-peptides-8V9l.php?article_id=6670 Evaluation of Tryptic Peptides from Neisseria meningitidis Outer Membrane Proteins PorA and PorBDigestion Peptides Gail Whiting, Clive Metcalfe, Adrian F Bristow and Jun X Wheeler ArchiveVEGETOS/currentissue-vegetos.php VEGETOS: An International Journal of Plant Research Volume 30, Issue 4 peer-review/studying-of-plants-populations-in-the-conditions-of-industrial-pollution-in-the-neighborhood-of-the-cities-of-the-karaganda-region-ELoJ.php?article_id=6978 Studying of Plants Populations in the Conditions of Industrial Pollution in the Neighborhood of the Cities of the Karaganda Region Konkabayeva A, Ishmuratova M, Aitkulov A, Tykezhanova G, Nugumanova S, Turlybekova G and Shorin S peer-review/influence-of-drying-temperature-on-mass-transfer-characteristics-and-physiochemical-properties-of-aloe-vera-aloe-barbadensis-mille-Zz6G.php?article_id=6963 Influence of Drying Temperature on Mass Transfer Characteristics and Physiochemical Properties of Aloe Vera Aloe Barbadensis Miller Srinivasan G and Baskar R peer-review/seed-priming-with-salts-of-nitrate-enhances-nitrogen-use-efficiency-in-rice-IEix.php?article_id=6957 Seed Priming with Salts of Nitrate Enhances Nitrogen use Efficiency in Rice Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Anaytullah Siddique, Manoj Kumar Sharma and Bandana Bose peer-review/effect-of-osmotic-stress-on-the-surface-properties-of-protoplasts-as-measured-by-merocyanine-540-tK4P.php?article_id=6954 Effect of Osmotic Stress on the Surface Properties of Protoplasts as Measured by Merocyanine 540 Pablo M Sain, Silvia Rodríguez and Edgardo A Disalvo peer-review/studies-on-correlation-and-path-analysis-for-yield-and-yield-contributing-traits-in-eggplant-solanum-melongena-l-involving-bacteri-bMAJ.php?article_id=6952 Studies on Correlation and Path Analysis for Yield and Yield Contributing Traits in Eggplant Solanum Melongena L Involving Bacterial Wilt Resistant Genotypes Chauhan A, Chandel KS and SP Singh peer-review/microcycas--an-endangered-genus-u8YX.php?article_id=6951 Microcycas An Endangered Genus Teena Agrawal peer-review/agronomic-and-economic-performance-of-wheat-triticum-aestivum-l-under-farmyard-manure-and-inorganic-fertilization-in-the-midlands--D3kH.php?article_id=6950 Agronomic and Economic Performance of Wheat Triticum Aestivum L under Farmyard Manure and Inorganic Fertilization in the MidLands of North Ethiopia Teklay Tesfay, Chigign Adamu, Selamawit Girmay, Takele Welu and Abadi Birhane peer-review/inhibitory-activities-of-brimstone-morinda-lucida-roots-extract-on-amylase-and-glucosidase--in-vitro-57rE.php?article_id=6949 Inhibitory Activities of Brimstone Morinda lucida Roots Extract on Amylase and Glucosidase In vitro Stephen Adeniyi Adefegha and Olorunfemi Raphael Molehin peer-review/manipulation-of-plant-spacing-and-steckling-size-to-increase-growth-and-seed-yield-in-carrot-daucus-carota-l-under-temperate-condi-jxon.php?article_id=6948 Manipulation of Plant Spacing and Steckling Size to Increase Growth and Seed Yield in Carrot Daucus Carota L Under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir Ashutosh Kumar, Baseerat Afroza, Nayeema Jabeen and Nighat Mushtaq peer-review/physiological-barriers-for-adventitious-species-invasion-in-oligotroph-ecosystems-of-the-middle-ob-area-DU5E.php?article_id=6947 Physiological Barriers for Adventitious Species Invasion in Oligotroph Ecosystems of the Middle Ob Area Oligotroph; Ecosystems; Oil; Mycorrhiza peer-review/vegetation-of-saline-regions-of-fars-province-iran-d0Iy.php?article_id=6946 Vegetation of Saline Regions of Fars Province Iran Owfi RE peer-review/effect-of-exogenous-application-of-plant-growth-regulators-on-nutritional-status-of-kiwifruit-cv-hayward-Sf8z.php?article_id=6945 Effect of Exogenous Application of Plant Growth Regulators on Nutritional Status of Kiwifruit cv Hayward Nowsheen Nazir, Banday FA, Sharma MK, Aroosa Khalil and Sundouri AS peer-review/combining-ability-for-flavonoids-flavonols-and-total-phenols-in-cabbage-brassica-oleracea-var-capitata-l-8NLG.php?article_id=6943 Combining Ability for Flavonoids Flavonols and Total Phenols in Cabbage Brassica Oleracea Var Capitata L Abhishek C, Negi PS and Singh NK peer-review/calibration-and-validation-of-infocrop-for-phenology-growth-and-yield-attributing-characters-of-indian-mustard-varieties-in-semiar-o2AW.php?article_id=6941 Calibration and Validation of Infocrop for Phenology Growth and Yield Attributing Characters of Indian Mustard Varieties in SemiArid Region of Haryana Kumar Y, Singh R, Kumar A and Nayak MK peer-review/distribution-of-economically-important-algal-flora-at-ranchi-district-of-jharkhand-india-t2L8.php?article_id=6939 Distribution of Economically Important Algal Flora at Ranchi District of Jharkhand India Sarita Mehta and Radha Kumari Sahu peer-review/cytological-variability-in-artemisia-l-inhabiting-northwest-himalayas-intra-population-chromosomal-variability-in--artemisia-nilag-LFWq.php?article_id=6937 Cytological Variability in Artemisia L Inhabiting NorthWest Himalayas Intra Population Chromosomal Variability in Artemisia nilagirica CB Clarke Pamp Uma Bharti, Rinchen Gurmet, Eshan Sharma and Namrata Sharma peer-review/field-performance-of-pseudomonas-putida-iihr-pp2-for-the-management-of-meloidogyne-incognita-and-fusarium-oxysporum-f-sp-vasinfect-5Alm.php?article_id=6936 Field Performance of Pseudomonas putida IIHR Pp2 for the Management of Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum Disease Complex in Okra Abelmoschus esculentus Rao MS, Umamaheswari R, Prabu P, Priti K, Chaya MK, Kamalnath M, Grace GN, Rajinikanth R and Gopalakrishnan C peer-review/occurrence-virulence-and-evaluation-of-essential-oils-against-fusarium-oxysporum-f-sp-niveum-causing-wilt-of-watermelon-0xbW.php?article_id=6933 Occurrence Virulence and Evaluation of Essential Oils against Fusarium oxysporum f sp niveum causing Wilt of Watermelon Naveenkumar R, Muthukumar A and Mohanapriya R peer-review/screening-of-iranian-wheat-triticum-aestivum-l-land-races-for-seedling-traits-under-micronutrient-deficient-conditions-B0Rv.php?article_id=6893 Screening of Iranian Wheat Triticum aestivum L Land Races for Seedling Traits under Micronutrient Deficient Conditions Manpreet Kaur, Sarlach RS and Bains NS peer-review/evaluation-of-narcissus-genotypes-under-karewa-condition-of-kashmir-himalaya-XZGC.php?article_id=6878 Evaluation of Narcissus Genotypes under Karewa Condition of Kashmir Himalaya Kumar R, Sharma OC peer-review/effect-of-growth-dynamics-nutrient-status-and-energetics-of-linseed-as-influenced-by-different-agroinput-managementpractices-nsum.php?article_id=6861 Effect of Growth Dynamics Nutrient Status and Energetics of Linseed as Influenced By Different Agroinput ManagementPractices Patel R, Dwivedi SK and Patel NK peer-review/gibberellins-production-techniques-by-immobilization-9fv6.php?article_id=6633 Gibberellins Production Techniques by Immobilization Ahamad S, Sharma SK and Agarwal DK ArchiveJOT/currentissue-obesity-therapeutics.php Journal of Obesity and Therapeutics Volume 1,Issue 2 peer-review/the-effect-of-vitamin-d-supplementation-on-the-treatment-of-overweight-and-obesity-a-systematic-review-of-randomized-controlled-tr-szbv.php?article_id=6827 The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Stavri Chrysostomou and Evgenia Saranti peer-review/dietary-strategies-for-metabolic-syndrome-a-review-8o7m.php?article_id=6626 Dietary Strategies for Metabolic Syndrome A Review Castro-Barquero S, Ruiz-León AM, Sadurní M, Estruch R, Casas R ArchiveDIDNA/currentissue-drug-intoxication-and-detoxification-novel-approaches.php Drug Intoxication and Detoxification : Novel Approaches Volume 6, Issue 1 peer-review/presence-of-caulerpa-cylindracea-chlorophyta-in-the-north-of-strait-of-gibraltar-effectiveness-of-citizenscientist-in-detecting-in-otvw.php?article_id=6098 Presence of Caulerpa cylindracea Chlorophyta in the North of Strait of Gibraltar Effectiveness of CitizenScientist in Detecting Invasion and Record in Atlantic European Coast Javier Pellón, Ricardo Bermejo, Manolo Chacón, Encarni Sánchez, Juan Antonio Parada, Manuel Fernández-Casado, María del Carmen Arroyo and José Carlos García-Gómez ArchiveDIDNA/currentissue-drug-intoxication-and-detoxification-novel-approaches.php Drug Intoxication and Detoxification : Novel Approaches Volume 6, Issue 3 peer-review/will-pd1pdl1-inhibitor-become-a-true-salvage-therapy-for-relapsed-or-refractory-patients-with-hematological-malignancies-JvlU.php?article_id=6076 Will PD1PDL1 Inhibitor Become a True Salvage Therapy for Relapsed or Refractory Patients with Hematological Malignancies Ankita Thakkar ArchiveDIDNA/currentissue-drug-intoxication-and-detoxification-novel-approaches.php Drug Intoxication and Detoxification : Novel Approaches Volume 5, Issue 1 peer-review/effects-of-acute-consumption-of-igarcinia-kolai-on-hepatic-enzymes-in-apparently-well-nigerian-youths-Fo5X.php?article_id=4981 Effects of Acute Consumption of iGarcinia kolai on Hepatic Enzymes in Apparently Well Nigerian Youths Biliaminu SA, Abdul Azeez, Abdur Rahman MB and Ajani S Volume 51, Issue 1 peer-review/yield-and-economics-of-greengram-vigna-radiata-lwilczek-cultivars-as-influenced-by-integrated-nutrient-management-Z4g0.php?article_id=4748 Yield and Economics of Greengram Vigna radiata LWilczek Cultivars as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Management Swetha A Patel, Chaudhari PP and Desai NH peer-review/effect-of-phosphorus-sulphur-and-biofertilizer-on-growth-yield-and-nodulation-in-mungbean-on-loamy-sand-soils-of-kutch-h16F.php?article_id=4744 Effect of Phosphorus Sulphur and Biofertilizer on Growth Yield and Nodulation in Mungbean on Loamy Sand Soils of Kutch Sipai AH, Jat JR and Rathore BS peer-review/heterosis-and-inbreeding-depression-in-tropical-sweet-sorghum-sorghum-bicolor-lmoench-HAG0.php?article_id=4743 Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression in Tropical Sweet Sorghum Sorghum bicolor LMoench Sudhir Kumar I, Srinivasa Rao P, Belum VS Reddy, Ravindrababu V and Reddy KHP peer-review/mounting-insights-over-human-wellness-by-utilizing-plants-primed-defense-against-precisemild-oxidative-stress-8w7J.php?article_id=4742 Mounting Insights over Human Wellness by Utilizing Plants Primed Defense against PreciseMild Oxidative Stress Pragya Mishra and Sheo Mohan Prasad peer-review/foliar-applications-of-zinc-and-boron-on-fruit-set-and-some-fruit-quality-of-olive-9Tm6.php?article_id=4741 Foliar Applications of Zinc and Boron on Fruit Set and Some Fruit Quality of Olive Saadati S, Moallemi N, Mortazavi SMH and Seyyednejad SM ArchiveJPAIR/currentissue-primary-acquired-immunodeficiency-research.php Journal of Primary & Acquired Immunodeficiency Research Volume 3, Issue 1 recurrent-salmonellosis-in-a-child-with-complete-ilr-deficiency-RLFm.php?article_id=2181 Recurrent Salmonellosis in a Child with Complete IL12R1 Deficiency Mohammad Faizan Zahid, Syed Asad Ali2, Fyezah Jehan, Abdul Gaffar Billo, Jean-Laurent Casanova Jacinta Bustamante Stephanie Boisson-Dupuis and Fatima Mir alphafetoprotein-as-a-biomarker-in-immunodeficiency-diseases-relevance-to-ataxia-telangiectasia-and-related-disorders-6Py2.php?article_id=2180 AlphaFetoprotein as a Biomarker in Immunodeficiency Diseases Relevance to Ataxia Telangiectasia and Related Disorders Immunodiagnostics Gerald J Mizejewski vitamin-d-and-hiv-infection-a-systematic-review-nDq7.php?article_id=2179 Vitamin D and HIV Infection A Systematic Review Natalia Barbosa, Laura Costa, Mara Pinto, Patricia Rosinha, Ines Rosinha and Mariana Couto evidence-the-human-tcell-lymphotropic-virus-htlvi-circulation-in-santiago-de-cuba-province-cuba-bEfG.php?article_id=1946 Evidence of the Human Tcell Lymphotropic Virus HTLVI Circulation in Santiago De Cuba Province Cuba Dayami Martin, Dervel F Diaz, Onelvis Isaac, Liuber Y Machado, Dania Romay and Hector M Diaz ArchiveAGEB/currentissue-advances-in-genetic-engineering-biotechnology.php Advances in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Volume 2, Issue 1 /becoming-muslim-patients-after-total-hip-prosthesis-in-morocco-Li9x.php?article_id=2413 Becoming Muslim Patients after Total Hip Prosthesis in Morocco TEssohouna, MDDione, H Azanmasso, N.S Diagne, S Larhalbli , H Ahyaoui, K.M Guinhouya, M BELO, F Lmidmani, A El Fatimi and M Rafai codon-pair-bias-and-viral-vaccine-design-7QeP.php?article_id=1312 Codon Pair Bias and Viral Vaccine Design Garry A Luke, Uday S Pathania, Fiona Tulloch and Martin D Ryan creutzfeldtjakob-disease-susceptibility-an-approach-to-discovering-multiple-candidate-genes-for-human-prion-diseases-2WiO.php?article_id=461 CreutzfeldtJakob Disease Susceptibility An Approach to Discovering Multiple Candidate Genes for Human Prion Diseases Byung-Hoon 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