SciTechnol '' SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Volume 4, Issue 2 Devising Specific Measures to Deal with Elementary and Junior High School Students Who Refuse to Attend School Suggestions for Further Efforts Based on Recent Data Ken Inoue, Sadayuki Hashioka, Yasuyuki Fujita, Shigeto Moriwaki, Masanori Kamura and Haruo Takeshita Frequency of Abo Blood Groups among the Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patient Zaidi SSH, Ch. Ather AA, Rutaba Kiran, Uneeba Syed, Umair Ashfaq and Musharraf MU A Patient with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and Dyslipidemia whose Blood Glucose Level is managed by Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg A Case Report Bhattacharya NR The Influence of Cortisol and Age Differences on the Development of Insulin Resistance and Dyslipidemia in Euthyroid Patients Abdelgayoum A Abdel-Gayoum Hypoxia Inducible Factor1 Gene rs11549465 Might be Protective Factor for the Development of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Crisostomo-Vázquez María del Pilar, Fernández-Torrres Javier, Maravelez-Acosta VictorAlberto, Medina-Bravo Patricia, López-Reyes Alberto3, Granados Julio and Jiménez- Cardoso Enedina