SciTechnol '' SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 7 and Issue 3 Managing Radical Change in Entrepreneurship EducationAdoption of Innovative and Effective Pedagogy used inTeaching Entrepreneurship Shesadev Nayak International Awareness of Technology andEntrepreneurship Sairamya Kurapati Global Entrepreneurship And Business Management Rui Carvalho Is Big Data safe for knowledge management Manea-Tonis The American University in Cairo School of GlobalAffairs and Public Policy Radu Bucea Market Analysis Business Management Sarah Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 7 and Issue 2 THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON CONCERNED ABOUT USING VIRTUAL TECHNOLOGIES TO SUPPORT PERSONAL HEALTH CARE DURING THE COVID19 PANDEMIC Joyce Pittman The Consequences for Tourism Management Dennis Minoru Sustainable Tourism Marta Adrover perello Strannik is the first medical technology to incorporate an understanding of how the brain regulates the bodys function Graham Wilfred Ewing Hertfordshire diabetes education a step closer to integration of diabetes care Ana Pokrajac Medical Tourism is exemplary for the resilience Rudrarup Gupta Market Analysis Business Management Sarah Eve Journal of Business and Hotel Management Volume 7 Issue1 Prime Organizational Embellishment Rudrarup Gupta Development of A SYBER Green RealTime  Laxmi Kant Pandey analyze data on health equity can we achieve it Ana Rita Gonzalez Personality Traits and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism Management Yekinni Ojo Bello Announcement Editorial Anna Bink