SciTechnol '' SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. Journal of Genetic Disorders & Genetic Reports Volume 6, Issue 2 A Rare Familial Paracentric Inversion in the Long Arm of Chromosome 8 Case Report and Review of the Literature Kouvidi E, Tsarouha H, Zachaki S, Mitrakos A, Sfakianoudis K, Kanavakis E, Mavrou A PallisterKillian Syndrome Undetected by Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Karyotyping and Neonatal Blood Microarray Comparative Genomic Hybridization Huang MH, Yang IF, Lee C, Chang JS, Wang HC, Tou WS, Ling FC, Lai HL, Tsai LP and Ho SP A Rare Case of Isodicentric Xq28 that Causes Mental Retardation Molecular Characterization and Review Gonzalez  C, Gutierrez M,  Ruiz ML, Huete B, Gonzalez S, Gallego J and Cava F Pirimiphosmethyl Resistance in Culex pipiens Diptera Culicidae in Southern Tunisia Tabbabi Ahmed, Daaboub Jaber, Laamari Ali, Ben Cheikh Raja and Ben Cheikh Hassen Expression of TCTPRelated Genes Jun-ichi Kashiwakura and Toshiaki Kawakami Evaluation of Fenitrothion against Culex pipiens Diptera Culicidae Larvae in Grand Tunis Area of Tunisia Ahmed Tabbabi, Jaber Daaboub, Ali Lamari, Raja Ben Cheikh, Ibtissem Ben Jha and Hassen Ben Cheikh