SciTechnol '' SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 7, Issue 1 Epidemiology prevention and Treatment of Leishmaniasis in Afghanistan Mohammad Reza Mohammadi*, Layegheh Daliri, Elham Rezaei A Survey on the Prevalence of Bovine Babesiosis and Its Associated Risk Factors in and Around Wajaale District Somaliland Babesiosis is caused by intra-erythrocytic protozoan parasites of the genus Babesia that infect a wide range of domestic and wil`d animals. The disease is tick transmitted and distributed worldwide. The major economic impact of babesiosis is on the cattle industry and the two most important species in cattle, Babesia bovis and B. bigemina. A tot Review on Tropical Heamonchoisis in Sheep and Goats and Diagnositic Techniques Famacha and Postmortem Adult Parasitic Count Treatment Prevention and Control Hamze Suleiman H. Nour* A Rare Case of AntiNmda Receptor Encephalitis with Ovarian Teratoma in the Setting of Vzv Encephalitis Michelle Thomas*, Alexandra Haigh, Tarun Girotra, and Elizabeth Macri A Clinical Study of Spinal Dysraphism Cases in Tertialy Care Center Kakinada Andhra Pradesh M Premjit Ray and Kodali Sandhya* Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 6, Issue 5 Organs that Affected Human Nervous System Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild Nervous System coordination in Human body Tang Wai Kwong Psychotherapy reduces friction and stress in Human body Pasquale Calabrese Pharmacological Elevation in Neuroscience Lucia M. Vaina Impairment of Emotional expression detection Michel Baudry Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 6, Issue 4 Stroke Mechanisms in Search of Treatments Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild A Brief Note on Alzheimers Disease Tang Wai Kwong Impact of Mental Disorder in Human Being Pasquale Calabrese A Review on Neurosurgery Lucia M Vaina Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 6, Issue 3 Affects Alzheimers disease in brain functioning Athanasios K Petridis Molecular and cellular neuroscience explores the genes and proteins Liu Yawu Brain stroke in early 50s Amit Kumar Salient features of Neuro psychology in medicine Martha E. Shenton Neuroscience as challenged factor in medicine Irene Litvan Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 6, Issue 2 Impacts of Neurosurgery Russel Hardy Coordination of Nervous System William Stephen Concept of Cellular Molecular Neuroscience Tony Samson A Commentary on Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience William paul Neurodegeneration Neurodegenerative Diseases Tony William Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 6, Issue 1 Humming Can Induce Auditory and Sensory Neurointegration in those with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder Beverly Lyles Fly Brain A High Speed Computer Mitsuyo Kakuta Brain Hippocampus David Kelvin Neuronal networks within the brain Robert Brown Immune Cells Silence Neurons Thomas Peter Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 5, Issue 3 Association of Cannabis Abuse with Psychiatric Morbidity Among The HTV Drivers of AJK Azhar Ali, Usama Bin Zubair, Fahad Ali Kazmi, Abrar khan, Khalil Azam Afridi and Rabia Asghar Zero in on NeuroInsusceptible Associations Robert Stain Neuroscience in the PostGenome Time Andrew paul Neuroscience Fills in China Danielle Brown Clinical Profile and Management of Children with Seizures Presenting to Pediatric Emergency Department Ayesha Abbasi, Ghazala Kazi, Suman Siddiqui and Yumna Siddiqi Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research 29th International Conference on Psychology Health, Human Resilience and Wellbeing The Influence of Christianity in the Process of Acceptance of Homosexuality Guilt and Apostasy Marcelo Pombo Novaes Fernandes Cognitive interventions in neural networks for resilienceCINNR Saadi Lotfali A Systematic Review of DSMV Section III Alternative Model of Personality Disorders Clinical Utility Mikaela S. Milinkovic A study on weight a brain stimulator and fasting plasma glucose production simulation model using GHMethod mathphysical medicine Gerald C HSU Protecting patients with chronic diseases andor psychological disorders from COVID19 Gerald C. Hsu No More Nightmares the way to Use Planned Dream Intervention to finish Nightmare  Beverly Ann Dexter Friendship highly associated with health anxiety in a general adult population The Troms study Anja Davis Norbye Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research Volume 5, Issue 2 Pediatric Embryonal Tumors inTrue Rosettes Etmrs Presentingas a Low Grade Glioma AnUnusual Case Report Sibhi Ganapathy and Nikunj Godhani Young Scientist Awards Richard G. Heimberg Direct Evidence of Viral Infection and Mitochondrial Alterations in the Brain of Fetuses at High Risk for Schizophrenia Segundo Mesa Castillo The Relationship Between Neuroscience and Internal Conflicts in a Psychodynamic Approach to the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder Susan P Sherkow Depression on the Brain Due to Covid19 Tony Sutton