SciTechnol '' SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology Volume 6, Issue 4 Evaluation of Gas Turbine Performances and Nox and CO Emissions during the Steam Injection in the Upstream of Combustion Chamber Bouam A, Dadda A and Kadi R Applications of Green Composites in Immobilization of Radioactive Wastes and Others A Review Saleh HM and Bayoumi TA Influence of Aluminum Addition on the Corrosion of 304 Stainless Steel in High Temperature Water Xiao-Fang Song, Sheng-Han Zhang and Ke-Gang Zhang Comparison of Corrosion Resistance for 304 and 316 Stainless Steel in the Simulated Primary Circuit of PWR Sheng-Han Zhang and Xiao-Fang Song Proton Irradiation Effects on the PhysioMechanical Properties and Microstructure of ColdWorked Molybdenum Simos N, Quaranta E, Charitonidis N, Redaelli S, Bertarelli A, Mariani N, Zhong Z, Ghose S, Doorhyee E, Zhong H and Kotsina Z