SciTechnol '' SciTechnol is an international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to pure scientific research and scientific dissemination. It promotes awareness to all arenas of public to encourage research and aid scientific community by executing the significance of latest research. SciTechnol also provides a common platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information globally. Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Research Volume 7, Issue 2 Formulation and Evaluation of Enteric Coated Aspirin Tablet by Using Bio Epoxy Resin as Coating Material Shraddha Tiwari, Shailesh J Wadher and Omprakash S Yemul Formulation and Characterization of Paracetamol Cocrystals for Enhanced Bioavailability Das S, Das S, Pattanayak D, Hossain CM and Jithan AV Cisplatin Loaded Liposome Nanoparticles and its Efficacy on the Hepatocellular Carcinoma An in vitro Study Cisplatin Loaded Liposome Nanoparticles and its Efficacy on the Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An in vitro Study Delivery of Analeptics via Painless Transdermal Patches Amjad, Fareed K, Rafique Z, Arshad F, Meer B, Ashraf H, Arooj N, Dilawar M, Naz R and Anwar P Improvement of Aerodynamic Behavior of SprayFreeze Dried IgG Powder Applying Amino Acids Shabnam Aghababaie, Fakhrossadat Emami, Maryam Amini Pouya, Behnaz Daneshmand, Maryam Sadat Mirmoeini, Homa Faghihi and Alireza Vatanara In vitro Cell Compatibility of Prepared CollagenGlycosaminoglycansSelenium Substituted Hydroxyapatite Nanopowders Composite Scaffolds Sara Ibrahim Korowash, Anna Burdzinska, Emilia Choinska, Amany Abdel-Moniem Mostafa and Doreya Mohamed Ibrahim Comparative Studies of Different Brands of Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets in Local Market of Rawalpindi Pakistan Wajeeha Khalid, Muhsin Jamal, Tahir Aqeel Malik and Shoaib Sarwar