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Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 6, Issue 4 Synchronizing Spirit Uniting Body Breath and Being through Yoga Symphony Benjamin Anderson The Symbiotic Dance Asana and Meditation in the Odyssey of Yoga Rebecca Bentley Restorative Yoga for Deep Body Relaxation Benefits Practice and Healing Power Kaitlyn Coleton Nurturing Life Prenatal Yoga and Physiotherapy Integration Saidah Vimeoa Yoga Principle of Mindfulness Become a Guide for Living Jojo C L Chan Harnessing Healing Energy Yoga Therapy in Cancer Care Holger Lauche Hatha Yoga Foundational Practice for Physical Postures Breath Control Kuptniratsaikul Suesuwan Embrace the Flow Yoga Practice and Therapeutic Fluidity Shubham Varambally Elevating Athletic Performance The Synergy of Yoga for Athletes Kumino Takahakhi Aging Gracefully Exploring the Benefits of Geriatric Yoga Therapy Pailori Udupa Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy volume 06 issue 03 Integrative Yoga Therapy Balancing Body Mind and Spirit John Smith Yoga for Teenagers Stress Relief and SelfDiscovery Dylan Mehta Prenatal Yoga and Physiotherapy Techniques for a Healthy Pregnancy Micheal Olivia Physical Emotional and Cognitive Growth The Benefits of Childrens Yoga Wonderland Amita Johnson Yoga for Elderly Health Geriatric Yoga Therapy Approaches Anaya Thompson Yoga as Medicine Integrative Yoga Therapy Techniques Jacob Wilson Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 6, Issue 2 Yoga Therapy for PostTraumatic Stress Disorder Recovery Amara Nwosu Understand the Importance of Yoga and the Spirituality in the Process of SelfDiscovery Aisha Chatterjee Embracing Emotional Balance in Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression Nandini Rao Yoga Therapy for Empowerment and Personal Growth Isabella Montoya Yoga Therapy The Integration of Yoga in Healing and Wellness Ishita Gupta The Transformative Power of Yoga Practice Developing Mind Body and Spirit Chihiro Yamamoto The Benefits of Meditation Developing Inner Calm and Resilience Rishi Verma The Advantages of Meditation for Mental Health Developing the MindBody Connection Alejandro Ramirez Understand the Importance of Yoga and the Spirituality in the Process of SelfDiscovery Sofia Petrovna Viniyoga A Personalised Approach to Healing and Transformation Li Wei Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 6, Issue 1 Enhancing Pregnancy Wellness A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal Yoga and Physiotherapy     Sriloy Mohanty Paediatrics Technology Media and Sedentary Behaviour  Brendan Keith The Psychosocial Elements of Sports Medicine in Paediatric Athletes Kai-Uwe Bletzinger Nurturing the Mother Within The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga in Physiotherapy Danish Javed The Art and Science of Meditation Unlocking the Power of Mindfulness for Mental WellBeing Feten Fekih-Romdhane Healing Within a Comprehensive Guide to Yoga Practice and Therapy for Holistic Wellness Suzanne C. Danhauer Enhancing Pregnancy Wellness A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal Yoga and Physiotherapy Andreas Michalsen Comprehensive Examination of the Influence of Rotor Solidity on VerticalAxis Wind Turbine Performance and Aerodynamics Huan Li Meditation for Mindfulness in the Management of Chronic Pain Christine Lin Using Yoga Group Counseling to Promote Healthy SelfRegulation for Elementary School Students Taylor Stabley1 , Kevin A. Curtin2* and Molly E. Carpenter2 Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 5, Issue 4 Animal Geographies and Models of Spinal Cord Injury Guillaume Martin Effect of Yoga on Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Life Ashfaq Ahmed Effect of Yoga on Vasovagal Syncope Patients Clinical Results and Quality of Life Mark Allen The Role of Nutrition and Guideline on Hospital Nutrition Efficacy of Nutritional and Immunity via Nutritional Interventions Ruiguo Wang Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 5, Issue 3 20minute Yoga Programme for Preventing Burnout in Healthcare Workers Apar Saxena Yoga and Aerobic Exercise Effects on Wellbeing in Physically Inactive Older Individuals Mats Welford Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients Symptom Management during Conventional Treatment Andrew Selvan Yoga Therapy as a Supplement to Standard Systemic Sclerosis Treatment Pranab Devi Yoga an Effective Strategy for SelfManagement of Stress Related Problems Venkatakrishnan Sharma Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 5, Issue 2 Yogas Impact on Cricket Bowlers Performance and Fitness Bela Rajani Danielle Impact on Physical Fitness Functional Mobility and Cognitive Functioning in Down Syndrome Adults Alexandra Maillo Prevalence Patterns and Predictors of yoga Practice among Adults Jintu Soubhagyalaxmi Effects of a Multimodal Physical Exercise Programmed on Physical and Mental Health Vartika Avinash Saoji Yoga Therapy in the Treatment of Migraines Long Chunfeng Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 4 Issue 1 Advantages of Integrative Medicine Yoga Therapy Allie Thomas* Advantages of Yoga and Physiotherapy during Pregnancy Andreas Michalsen A Brief Study On Physical Wellness S. Jeyanthi A Short Note On Spiritual Traditions And Mental WellBeing Nibedita Dalpat Yoga For Health And Healing Rashmi Arasappa Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 5 Issue 1 The Effect of Hatha Yoga on Motor Skills and SelfEsteem in Kindergarten Children A Randomized Controlled Trial Phillip K Darcy A Survey on Opportunity Scope and Possibilities of Yoga Intervention in Modern China Gopal Krishnan Satisfaction in lifeEmpirical research on senior citizens of Haryana Arman Qureshi SWARASAN A Yoga of Frequencies Convergence of Music Yoga and Meditation Harald Schwalbe Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Selected Systolic and Diastolic Variables among Hypertensive Middle Aged Women Sri Pignata Journal of Yoga Practice and Therapy Volume 2, Issue 1 Young Research Forum Young Scientist Awards Naturopathy Asia Aref Aref Abu-Rabia Promoting the Sustainable Development goals Marija Maksin 2020 Market Analysis of Annual Congress on Yoga and Meditation Conference