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Rutgers WPF is a Dutch knowledge center for sexuality . Rutgers WPF exists since January 1, 2011 and comes from a fusion of the Rutgers Nisso Group and the World Population Foundation. Rutgers WPF stands for equal sexual relationships , conservation and improvement of sexual well-being and reproductive health , preservation of sexual and reproductive rights and the empowerment of particular groups. The organization is named after the Dutch neomalthusianist Jan Rutgers (1850-1924). Rutgers WPF works both in the Netherlands and abroad, mainly in developing countries.

Funding for Rutgers WPF includes part of an annual subsidy by the Dutch government and partly through project financing through funds such ZonMw , the VSB, Foundation for Children's Welfare Stamps, Fund for Scientific Research of Sexuality , the Innovation Fund Zorgverzekeraars and MFS grant.

Rutgers WPF supports professionals and intermediate groups in sex education and assistance. This is done through research, documentation, development of materials, advice and advocacy. Recently, Rutgers WPF also gives weather information directly to the final target groups such as young people, immigrants and the disabled.

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