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Hee Hwan Tak



Dr. Hee Hwan Tak is the Medical Director and Senior Consultant at Centre for Spine and Scoliosis Surgery, Singapore. 

He is an Adjunct Associate Professor with Nanyang Technological University. He did his spine surgery fellowship in the United States between 1999 to 2000. He spent 6 months in Tulane University in New Orleans, and 6 months in Louisville, where he was a clinical instructor in University of Kentucky, Lexington.
Currently, Dr Hee is a spine surgeon whose clinical practice is 100 percent on spinal disorders in the pediatric and adult population. He manages all types of spinal disorders, for example degenerative spine (including cervical spine or neck), spinal fractures, spinal tumor, spinal infections, spinal deformities (including scoliosis).

Research Interest

 His specialist services encompass non surgical management of spinal conditions, as well as surgery if clinically indicated. Surgical services available at Pinnacle Spine & Scoliosis Centre include cervical spine (neck) surgery, non fusion (including artificial disc replacement) surgery, scoliosis and spinal deformity surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, spine tumor surgery, and revision spine surgeries

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