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Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field of science, spanning the physics and chemistry of matter, engineering applications and industrial manufacturing processes. Materials Science involves...

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Genetics is the discipline of science studying genes, genetic variation, and heredity in living organisms. Molecular biology studies the development, structure and function and biological activitie...


Clinical Journals aims to serve its readers as the most credible, authoritative resource of research on medical practice to the scientific community. Clinical fields Journals widely encourage quali...

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On the Recommended Vernacular Names of Mesoplodon peruvianus Reyes, Mead & Van Waerebeek, 1991 (Cetacea, Ziphiidae) in Several World Languages
  • Koen Van Waerebeek, Julio C Reyes, Eduardo R Secchi, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Fernando Félix, Carlos Guerra-Correa, Jean-Luc Jung, Hong-yu Lai, Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet, Jeffrey C Mangel, Wenshi Pan, Michela Podestà, Fabian Ritter, Gian Paolo Sanino, Marina Sequeira, Salvatore Siciliano, Marie-Françoise Van
    Bressem and Jo