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Software Testing

Software testing is the process of evaluating or validating the proper functioning of Software program defined by specific requirements.

Software Testing is the technology of computer science where the functional assessment of software program is done for its proper functionality which mainly includes dynamic and static testing.

Software testing Includes topics such as Acceptance Testing, Hardware Software Co-design, Software Architecture, Software Reliability, Software Safety etc.

Hardware Technology is the science of exploring the physical components of Computer

Hardware research major areas involve the design, analysis and modeling of complex systems on a chip. Hardware Technology is the study of Hardware components which help in proper functioning of the computers.

Subareas include : energy/reliability/security-aware VLSI systems, configurable computing, distributed computing, autonomic computing, IC design for low power/voltage, co-operative intelligent system design, computer architecture, 3D IC design, design automation, distributed real time systems, cyber-physical/hybrid systems, embedded and real-time processors/systems, hardware and software co-design methodologies, formal verification methodologies, models of computation, cryptographic hardware and embedded systems, side channel attacks, computer arithmetic and computer/network security.


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