Journal of Veterinary Science & Medical Diagnosis ISSN: 2325-9590

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Hybrid Veterinary Science Journals

Journal of Veterinary Science & Medical Diagnosis is one of the hybrid veterinary science journals. The journal has started following hybrid mode of publishing that gives option to authors to choose their mode of publishing either subscription or open access. Under subscription, journal does not charge any publication fee from authors, while to publish article under open access mode authors need to pay some charge. All the open access articles are freely available online for readers which increases the citations of the articles and provide increased visibility, while to access the content of articles published under subscription mode, readers need to subscribe to those articles or can take subscription of whole journal. Journal provides various opportunities to university libraries to take subscription of journal and also offers individual and institute open access memberships. Despite the fact that Journal of Veterinary Science & Medical Diagnosis is a hybrid veterinary science journal, the journal strictly follows peer review process and publishes quality articles. The dual mode of publishing is one of its kind as it provides authors freedom to choose their mode based on their convenience and financial situation.