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A Concept Note to Prevent Construction Workers from Ergonomic Threats

Construction industry is the most hazardous industry compared to mining, manufacturing and agriculture, etc. New hazards are arising daily in the form of chemical, physical, biological and ergonomics while performing different tasks. Hazards in construction industry affect the health and safety of workers and also the productivity of firms. Hazards associated with construction projects are worker tools, equipment’s, materials and workplace environment. Ergonomic hazard can be physical, physiological, environment factors within the workplace that can harm the musculoskeletal system of the workers. The outcome of the ergonomics factors is musculoskeletal disorder injuries which affects the muscles, tendons and vessels of the workers body. The factors which affect the musculoskeletal system include repetitive work, awkward positions, static posture, contact stress, vibration and sudden force, etc. This is because of poor design of tools, materials, equipment and workplace of the construction. This paper suggests a design concept for ergonomic factors in construction projects to improve health and safety of workers. Design for Construction Safety (DfCS) concept is used in this paper to increase the health and safety related to ergonomic factors in construction industry. As a result, the design change solutions for ergonomic will reduce physical factors, eliminate unnecessary movement, increase workers health and safety and also suggests that will reduce the compensation cost of the workers. Many industries successfully implemented design concepts in different way for ergonomic solutions by purchasing new tools, modifying existing equipment’s and making the workplace more sufficient to work without obstacles.

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