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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Relationship between Mental Health and Leisure Time Activities among School Children at Selected School

Abstract:  The school age is a formative period for children physical as well as mental development which transforms the child into a promising adult. Much has been explored on the physical aspects of school going children associated problems such as eyes, dental and oral health, immunization etc. There are very few studies that deal with the mental health and illness of school children. The aim of the study is to assess and identify the relationship between leisure time activities and mental health so that a holistic development of the child may be enhanced. A descriptive approach was used to assess the leisure time activities and mental health of school children by simple random sampling. A self-structured tool was used which had three sections – Socio demographic variables of the child, leisure time activities questionnaire and mental health measurement scale. Parkin’s health spectrum model was used for the conceptual framework. The study was conducted on 100 school children in Shree Basaveshwara English Medium higher primary School. The findings revealed that there is a significant association between socio demographic variables like sex and living place. Male children have better health than female children. It is significant at p<0.003,0.010 in F ratio in leisure time activity score and mental health score respectively .The children living in urban area have better mental health than the children residing in rural area. It is significant at p<0.056 in F ratio in mental health score. There is a close association between leisure time activities and mental health of school children and it is statistically significant (r =.680**) as the leisure time activities increases the mental health also increases. There is no significant association between other socio demographic variables .The children are averagely engaged in leisure time activities and had moderate mental health score. The findings of the present study indicated that children are averagely engaged in leisure time activities and have moderate mental health status. Therefore, there is a need for parents and teachers to be aware of the importance of leisure time activities for the holistic development of the children.

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