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A Keynote Presentation on Molecular Cell Biology

All biological diversification can be traced back to evolutionary changes at the cellular level. The fundamental questions about how cells work and how they came to be the way they are framed by this important role of cells. Despite the fact that these two fields of research fall under the traditional domains of cell biology and evolutionary biology, there is a lack of a thorough synthesis of evolutionary and cell-biological ideas. The merging of these two eponymous sciences with the theoretical and quantitative aspects of biochemistry, biophysics, and population genetics is defined as evolutionary cell biology. The main objectives are to build a mechanistic understanding of universal evolutionary processes while also incorporating an evolutionary perspective into cell biology. The full development of this interdisciplinary field has the potential to solve a variety of problems in biology, including the extent to which selection, effectively neutral processes, historical contingencies, and/or constraints at the chemical and biophysical levels dictate intracellular feature variation patterns [1]. These issues may now be investigated at both the intra- and inter-species levels, with single-cell methods even permitting quantification of genetic variation. Some of the findings from this new field have already had a big impact on cell biology, and future discoveries will have a big impact on agriculture, medicine, environmental research, and synthetic biology.

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