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A Phylogenetic Study on Five Different Species of Tomato Found in Nagaland

Tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family Solanaceace. Five different indigenous varieties of tomato plant are distributed in Nagaland exhibits large amounts of morphological variation among population in different habitats. The current study has attempted to find out the preliminary phytochemicals, antioxidants, and genetic variation amongst these tomato species. In the present study phytochemical screening showed positive result for steroid, flavonoid, phenol, saponins, carbohydrate, protein and alkaloids. Antioxidant was found to be the highest in tree tomato. DNA was extracted and amplified using RAPDPCR protocol and phylogenetic tree was constructed using NTSys software. The N-join method reveal that all the species of the tomato have diverged from a common ancestor, Tree tomato (T5) and The UPGMA method also reveal the same result which indicated the evolved species have been genetically stable over time.

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