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A Quest for Dwarf and Compact Hybrids in Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

A Quest for Dwarf and Compact Hybrids in Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

In cashew, dwarf and compact canopy types have been developed at Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur by using the cultivars named Bhaskara, NRCC Selection-2 and Ullal-3 as female parents and dwarf and/or compact types, namely Taliparamba-1, Kodippady-2 and NRC- 492(exotic dwarf type) as male parents, with a total of 9 combinations during 2008 and successful crosses were field planted during 2009. Lower means for plant height, girth and canopy spread, which are desirable features for evolving dwarf and compact types were observed in Ullal-3 x Taliparmba- 1 (2.51m, 22.60cm and 2.40 sq.m. respectively). Said combination was associated with lower mean value for nut yield. The mean plant height, girth, canopy spread and nut yield per tree in the first harvest was more in Ullal-3 X NRC- 492 (3.08m, 26.17cm, 3.16 sq.m., 1.01kg, respectively) compared to other crosses. The cross Bhaskara X Taliparamba-1 exhibited higher percentage of dwarf plants (56.36) followed by Ullal-3 X Taliparamba-1 (50.0) with desirable height (<2.5m). For compact canopy (<3.0 m), the cross Ullal-3 X Taliparamba- 1 was found superior (77.28 % plants) followed by Bhaskara X Taliparamba-1 (74.55%).

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