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A Review of Work-Based Learning Opportunities Relating to Mental Health Care for Trainee Gps

Mental health care is a core part of the business of general practice. GPs are frequently providing care for people with mental health problems. So how well does specialty GP training prepare trainees in terms of mental health care skills in a primary care setting? This review aims to understand what the current recommendations, policy guidance and research literature suggest in terms of work-based learning opportunities in relation to mental health care for trainee GPs. Results of the review revealed that there are ongoing issues in this area. With reports of less than half GP trainees receiving any kind of mental health placement and then concerns being raised about appropriately a psychiatry placement will up-skill the trainee ready for their future primary care work place. There also seems to be missed opportunities in other hospital and community rotations in terms of mental health related learning opportunities. Recommendations relating to integrated training placements and more emphasis placed upon learning days in different services, away from hospital posts are made.  

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