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Adolescents in Sexuality of Tunisian Teenagers

In the Muslim Arab world, sexuality remains a taboo subject. Our Tunisian society is in an intercultural situation. It is above all a conservative Arab-Muslim society but at the same time it undergoes the phenomenon of acculturation. The objective of our study is to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of 100 adolescents in sexuality.
Material and method
The study we conducted was cross-sectional, descriptive and quantitative supported by an Arabic questionnaire covering all aspects of the sexual life of a sample of 50 girls and 50 boys aged 15 to 19 living in the governorate of Monastir, randomly drawn from high school.
The average age was 17.5 years for boys and 16.5 years for girls. Half of our sample (49%) reported not having sex education. Masturbation was practiced by 88% of boys and 24% of girls, surrounded by feelings of pleasure for 60.34% of cases. Heterosexual activity was reported in 40% of adolescents and 6% of adolescent girls. The average age of first intercourse was 15 years for both sexes with early sexual activity in the male environment. Only 19.7% of these teens used condom in their sexual intercourse. Homosexual activity was found in 6% of the sample. The practice of cybersex was found in 30% of boys against 6% of girls and 16% of respondents preferred to watch erotic films.
Current problems (abortion, sex drive, child abandonment, suicide, loss of virginity, etc.) confirm the need for sex education to enlighten our teenagers and help them to have healthy sexual behavior. Hence preventing the harmful consequences of acculturation phenomenon.

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