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Agroforestry Based Watershed Management for Sustainable Land Use and Resilient Ecosystem

Land degradation which accelerated by soil erosion can affect land productivity, and this in turn elevates social problems in the watershed. This kind of problem is common challenge of land quality in Ethiopia. Several Government organizations (GOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have been proposed different sustainable watershed management approaches. Among all, agroforestry (AF) system and practices is the one with vital role in watershed management. AF is one
of a wide range of approaches in sustainable watershed management since it gives high opportunity of degraded agricultural lands restoration in particular and, landscape restoration in general. Does of literature and life experiences indicates the role of AF on the long-term land productivity improvement, agro-biodiversity conservation; and the subsequent improvement of agro-ecosystems resilience to shocks. Through these processes, AF based land management alleviate poverty and contribute to food security and nutrition which is expected from resilient ecosystem.

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