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Analysis of Integrated Optical Three Ring Resonator for Sensing Application

Silicon photonics is an emerging photonics branch that provides a useful advantage over the electrical conductors used in semiconductors and high-speed transmission systems. It also provide faster ways to transmit signals when compared with standard data transmission methods. Such signals are transmitted in the form of light pulses in silicon photonic chips; this means data flow in silicon photonics is faster than conventional electrical signals . Silicon photonic devices has numerous advantages such as robustness, miniaturization and accuracy, which leads to perform various analysis in biological and clinical diagnostics. The most commonly used silicon photonic devices are based on nanophotonic devices like optical waveguide gratings and ring resonators. In the photonic sensors a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology based on optical ring resonators are placed on top of a buried oxide substrate is composed of a silicon-based waveguide. Micro-rings are very important, as the world is moving rapidly to replace electronic communication systems with optical communication systems. A generic ring resonator consists of an optical waveguide that is looped back onto itself, so that a resonance occurs when the resonator's optical path length is exactly a whole number of wavelengths. Therefore, ring resonators support multiple resonances and the distance between those resonances.

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