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Analytical study into the interrelation between Environmental attitudes, Coronavirus and Climate change

The current pandemic of COVID-19 triggered a rethinking of the basics of the environmental interrelatedness between development, climate change and invasive diseases. Given the fact that human-nature relationship determines both human health and environmental quality, this analytical study showed that both invasive diseases such as the recent pandemic of COVID-19 and climate change have a common root, which has resulted from an overall environmental deterioration. This deterioration has been caused by a universal human approach of development, which aims to keep economies growing at the cost of environmental sustainability. The major consequences of this approach are both a disruptive ecological cycles and a depleted natural ability of the environment to balance itself. Therefore, there is more than ever an urgent need to mobilize governments to act on climate change, take mitigation measures to alleviate global warming and combat the loss of biodiversity by adopting the sustainable development approach.

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