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Animal Husbandry Production

In response to those bans, development of example business fitted out cage systems began within the Eighties. fitted out cages, typically referred to as 'enriched' or 'modified' cages, square measure cages for egg-laying hens that are designed to permit the hens to perform their "natural behaviors" while holding their economic and agriculture blessings, and additionally offer a number of the welfare blessings of non-cage systems. In thus, the national organization overseeing poultry production is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the UK, the national organization is that the Department for atmosphere, Food and Rural Affairs. Poultry farming is that the kind of farming that raises domesticated birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to supply meat or eggs for food. It’s originated from the agricultural era. Poultry principally chickens square measure farmed in nice numbers. Over sixty billion chicken’s square measure killed for consumption annually. Commercial hens sometimes begin egg laying eggs at 16–21 weeks archaic, though production bit by bit declines before long when from about twenty five weeks archaic.

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