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Application of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in Promising Agriculture: An Appraisal

Application of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in Promising Agriculture: An Appraisal

Gradually agriculture is facing struggle to meet the various threaten of producing more food for an increasing world population food security. Large quantities of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are necessitated for high productivity which can smash up bionetwork structures and functions, including the soil microbial community which plays imperative function in agriculture sustainability. Soil is an excellent niche of growth of many bacteria in rhizosphere. Many rhizospheric bacterial strains possess plant growth-promoting mechanisms. These bacteria can be applied as biofertilizers in agriculture and forestry, enhancing crop yields. Plant growthpromoting rhizobacteria can improve plant growth through several different mechanisms: (a) the synthesis of plant nutrients or phytohormones (Indole acetic acid and cytokinin), which can be uptake by plants, (b) the mobilization of soil compounds like phosphorous and metals, making them available for the plant to be used as nutrients, (c) the protection of plants under stressful conditions, thereby counteracting the negative impacts of stress, or (d) defense against phytopathogens, reducing plant diseases or death by producing antibiotics and HCN. Several plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria have been used worldwide as biofertilizers, contributing to increasing crop yields and soil fertility and hence having the potential to contribute to more sustainable agriculture and forestry. Scientific researchers involve various moves towards for identification of plant growthpromoting rhizobacteria adaptation, upshot on physiological and growth aspects on plants and induced systemic resistance, biocontrol and biofertilization in agriculture.

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