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Aqueous Fluoride Removal by Borax treated Dolomite

Aqueous Fluoride Removal by Borax treated Dolomite

Aqueous fluoride removal by borax treated dolomite was investigated. The effect of adsorbent dose, pH, contact time and fluoride initial concentration were carried out in batch experiments to optimize the equilibrium parameters. The percent fluoride adsorption was obtained in between 81.98% and 63.8% depending on initial fluoride concentration in 6 hrs contact time. Results showed the optimum solution pH as 7.0 and adsorbent dose as 1 g/L. The experimental data were modelled using both the Langmuir and Freundlich classical adsorption isotherms. Borax treated dolomite showed good adsorption capacity for aqueous fluoride removal. It could be a good adsorbent of practical importance in drinking water and waste water defluoridation..

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