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Assess the factors influencing eye care utilization in Murang’a level five hospital eye unit

A cross-sectional quantitative study (50%) of the nurse
lecturers did not believe the concept of PC was well understood
among nurse lecturers.
Comparing academic qualifications and morphine use
the chi- square was 0.040 which significant
Comparing academic qualifications & whether suffering
and physical pain are synonymous in terminally ill patients
the chi square was 0.01 which is significant.
79% said PC would be more effective if the nurse lecturers
undertook a PC course.
54% felt PC is important in caring for terminally ill,
while out of 58 only 17(29%) had training related to PC.
Out of 17 lecturers 12 (70%) had undertaken a five (5)
day course on pain management. One (1) 6% had a degree
in PC while 4(24%) had a higher diploma in PC.
Conclusions: there is a knowledge gap among the nurse
lecturers on PC concepts while their attitude towards PC
is favourable.
On the types of training received the study concludes that
there is a big gap in the training of lecturers on PC as the
majority have only undertaken a five day course on pain

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