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Assessment of Genetic Stability in Micro propagated Population of Sugarcane Variety CoS 07250 Through SSR Markers

Newly released variety of sugarcane (CoS 07250) was micropropogated using shoot tip culture technique. Genetic purity was assessed in regenerated plants using Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers. Eleven SSR primers were used to amplify the genomic DNA extracted from fresh leaf samples of in vitro raised plantlets after proper hardening along with the donar. A total of 1158 bands appeared out of which 121 bands were found polymorphic with an average of 11 bands per primer. The genetic similarity ranged between 0.85 and 1.00. The cluster analysis indicated a close relationship between regenerated plants and donar. The results indicated a high degree of genetic stability among the micropropogated plants. Thus the micropropagation protocol can be used to produce true to the type plants in sugarcane. It is suggested that plantlets multiplied through tissue culture should be tested through molecular tools for clonal stability before certification and distribution

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