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ATOP Meaningful World Humanitarian Mission to Armenia 14-30 April, 2017

With great excitement, the Meaningfulworld humanitarian team led by Dr. Ani Kalayjian arrived in Yerevan on April 14, 2017 to begin the vital work that was initiated during Meaningfulworld’s last mission to Armenia in 2014. The current team included Ms. Lorraine Simmons, Dr. Leslie Popoff, Mr. Karen Gargaryan, and Dr. Daria Diakanova.From the moment we arrived we were privileged to observe many of the traditions and customs of the rich Armenian culture, one that reflects Armenia’s long history and carries with it great meaning into the present. These traditions give the Armenian culture its unique character and essence. We experienced it through kneading dough and observing the baking of flatbread in a Lavash bread factory, and lighting candles at the oldest Cathedral in the world, the impressive
Echmiadzine Cathedral. We were blessed with banquets of traditional Armenian food prepared by our gracious hosts Luara and Sourig Parseghyan, with many ingredients which are grown and harvested in their own garden.

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