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Auditory and Visual Memory difficulty in Parkinson’s Clients

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease which
can be understood by the decrease of dopaminergic neurons
in substantia nigra. When people talk about the
Parkinson’s, they can think about shaking, stiffness, slow
walking etc. But there is something beyond i.e. cognitive
functioning like attention, thinking, planning, memory
and language etc. need to consider. Understanding the
symptomatic presentation of the client, correlating with
the difficulty of ADL’S and decline in higher cognitive
functioning would give better knowledge to focus on the
The impact of mild cognitive impairment have been studied
by so many researchers, but the studies on the difficulty
level of auditory and visual memory in Parkinson’s
clients were limited. The present study aimed to study
the level of difficulty in the areas of auditory and visual
memory in the clients who already diagnosed as Parkinson’s
clients by the Neurologist. A sample of 45 Parkinson’s
clients were assessed using neuropsychological tools
AVLT, CFT. The study findings showing significant levels
of difficulty in Auditory and Visual memory among Parkinson’s

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