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Autoimmune diseases in women: Role of infectious agents, biotoxins, genetics, and endocrine disruption in the progress and prognosis of disease

The author is a world renowned natural medicine and holistic health practitioner. Who will highlight the complex interplay between the
autoimmune disease process, genetic mutations like the MTHFR (Methyl Tetra Hydro Folate Receptor), and underlying multiple bacterial and viral
infections she sees in female patients in her practice with multiple sclerosis, ALS, lupus, and other autoimmune conditions. The author will discuss
the pathology in depth along with the accompanying physiological and biochemical changes seen as a result of microbial infiltration. These include
but are not limited to vitamin D status, gluten, and toxic metals such as mercury, intestinal barrier function, gut infections, rickettsia, and iodine. In
addition, a large number of the author’s patients with chronic autoimmune conditions also deal with inadvertent exposure to biotoxins. This can
trigger an inflammatory cytokine cascade and endocrine axis disruption which is commonly seen that further complicates the clinical picture. The
author utilizes sensory, integrative and natural plant based biological and herbal medicine in her practice and will talk about her highly acclaimed
bio-individualized genetic based protocols to help alleviate underlying pathology and enhance cellular repair and homeostasis in these patients.
Women have a higher incidence and prevalence of autoimmune diseases than men, and 85% or more patients of multiple autoimmune diseases are

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