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Availability and mobility of toxic metals across soil levels and surrounding of Gbogi scrap metal landfills in Akure

The study was carried out, to ascertain the effect of metal scraps on surrounding soils at Gbogi vicinities of Akure South Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria. A total of thirty-nine soil samples were taken for laboratory analysis. The soil samples were collected at various depths at the dumpsite, and at various horizontal distances away from the dumpsite including human settlements close to the dumpsite, in order to find the concentration and mobility of toxic metal on human living habitat around the dumpsite. The heavy metals in the waste soils samples was sequentially extracted and quantified, using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). The findings revealed that Iron, Lead, Cadmium, Copper and Zinc with concentration of 209mg/kg, 9.2mg/kg, 3.6mg/kg, 0.1mg/kg and 39.7mg/kg respectively. All concentrations did not exceed National Environmental Standards and Regulation Enforcement Agency (NESREA) acceptable limit and index of 2007. The order was Fe>Cu>Pb>Zn>Cd for the study area. A consistent trend showing a decrease in the concentration of toxic metals was observed at increasing depths and distances from dumpsite, however, the paper suggests a discontinuation or mitigation of anthropogenic input on the environment.

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