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Awareness about Simulation as a Tool to Improve Patient Safety in in Medical Students of a Developing Country.

Simulation-based Patient safety training enables imparting
knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by all healthcare
professionals, efficiently. Procedure-based skills like hand washing
can be learnt and measured by using simulation.
In most of the Asian countries including Pakistan, Medical nursing
and other healthcare professional training stills relies upon practice
on real patients, minimal direct supervision, and passive classroom
learning. Healthcare is a complex social system, where human
factors, and other non-technical skills, are most important tool of
safe care delivery to the patients coming to the hospitals. These
skills are difficult to teach in Traditional class room and real patient
setting like Operation theatres, emergency room class rooms
without possibility of harm to patients, but comparatively easy
and safe with simulators. Recognizing the benefits of simulationbased
Patient safety education and training, we conducted a study
in Riphah International affiliated IIMCT Medical College to know
about Awareness in Medical Students about Simulation as a tool to
improve Patient Safety.

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