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Awareness and Knowledge of Physical Therapy among Saudi Arabia Adult Population

Objective: The aim of this study is to ascertain the awareness and knowledge of physiotherapy among the general public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Methodology: A cross-sectional survey using a self-administered questionnaire was constructed by the authors. The study was conducted between June and August 2018 where the questionnaire was planted online and invitation to participate in the study along with an explanation of its importance, and a link to the questionnaire was sent to individuals via various social media platforms.

Results: A total of 964 participants comprising 77% female and 23% women participated in the study. They were aged between 18-45 and majority of the participants were Saudi nationals (94%) while 5% were expats. Overall majority of the participants lacked knowledge the other aspects of physical therapy (PT) services available to patients other than the musculoskeletal problems. The current study highlights not only the lack of public awareness about PT as a professional and its scope of practice in KSA, but it also provides a food for thought on the future development of the professional development in the kingdom.

Conclusion: Lack of awareness and knowledge regarding PT services may hamper the effective and timely referral of patients and there is an urgent need for the health care policy makers and institutions to promote education about the various aspects of PT so that there can be a proactive healthcare facility in line with the government’s 2030 vision of making healthcare efficient.

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