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Barrett’s Disease and Helicobacter Spp. Detection in Dogs with Gastritis

Barrett’s disease (BE) is a metaplastic disorder of the esophageal mucosa in which specialized columnar epithelium replaces healthy squamous epithelium; it is the most common cause of esophageal carcinoma in humans. The dog has been used as a model of Barrett’s esophagus, although the pathology is very rare in the species. In man, infection with Helicobacter pylori resulted inversely associated with BE. The role of Helicobacter spp. in dogs gastritis has not been fully elucidated, as in esophageal disease. Aim of this work was to evaluate esophageal and gastric biopsies of symptomatic dogs in association with the isolation of Helicobacter spp. and to describe and discuss a case of BE.

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