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Calibration and Validation of Infocrop for Phenology, Growth and Yield Attributing Characters of Indian Mustard Varieties in Semi-Arid Region of Haryana

Crop simulation model have been used to determine potential yield in a given environment. Different statistical test criteria were applied to Calibration and Validation performance of Info crop model v.2.0 in estimation of mustard yield. The model was validated with the data sets generated respectively during 2014-15, through the field experiment laid out split plot design with three sowing dates(Rabi: D1-25th Oct., D2-5th Nov. and D3-15th Nov.), and three cultivars cv. Kranti, RH 406, and RH 0749 in four replications on the Research farm of April. Meteorology, CCS HAU, Hisar. Simulation of growth and yield parameters such as days to start flowering, days to maturity, biomass and grain yield, test weight, harvest index were compared with observed data and results revealed that the model overestimate all the parameters within the acceptable range (<15%) with significant accuracy. InfoCrop model has proved to be valuable tool for predicting mustard yield. Therefore, the validated InfoCrop can further be used for applications such as prediction of crop growth, phenology, potential and actual yield, performance of mustard crop under climate change study.

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