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Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Haemoglobinopathy Screening, and Inflammatory Indicators

The applicability of hematological reference intervals is determined by the use of particular instruments and innovative chemical agents. Normal parameter determination is influenced by demographic and intrinsic elements, as well as a slew of other pre-analytical variables, necessitating the identification of native laboratory limits for each reported parameter for the specific analysis. Multiple factors can influence physiological measurements in a healthy population, necessitating the construction of a set of appropriate reference values for that population before applying the results to any clinical setting or pathological condition. Effective translation and discrimination between a state of well-being and sickness in clinical practice necessitates the use of exact reference ranges that accurately represent the people being studied. This may reduce medical costs by decreasing or avoiding needless follow-up examinations of patients. One of the most significant aspects of clinical practice is the use of reference values for various laboratory tests. These values can be adopted by using manufacturer or reference laboratory values, values obtained from relevant published articles, previous values in one's own laboratory or values established locally. Individual laboratories rarely use samples from human participants to validate the adopted value, let alone develop their own reference value.

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