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Causes and Prevention Measures of Rocky Desertification in Bijie, China

Causes and Prevention Measures of Rocky Desertification in Bijie, China

BiJie is located in the northwest of Guizhou Province in western China. Biejie Experimental Area was founded by Hu Jintao, the former secretary of Guizhou provincial Party committee in as a prelude to Western Development. Bijie city has a large population but is backward in economy, which mainly caused by serious rocky desertification. Therefore, restoration of rocky desertification is a fundamental method to get rid of economic backwardness. The natural factors, human factors and historical development of Bijie are studied to analyze the reasons of backwardness in desertification regions. Forest conservation, forestation, changing breeding way, reclamation new farmland, changing fuel, ecological resettlement and control of population are proposed to restore rocky desertification so as to thoroughly get rid of economic backwardness and achieve sustainable development.

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