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Cellular Fibrin Membrane as an Attractive Grafting Biomaterial for Wound Healing

Fibrinogen is an important component in cascade of coagulation and after wound injury, it create an unstable matrix quickly. In addition to its critical role in hemostasis, fibrin will be providing a scaffold for infiltration of fibroblasts to wound location [1]. Due to its critical role in coagulation and ease of its polymerizing, different fibrin biomaterials are used widely [1-3]. The aim of this study is preparation of a fibrin membrane seeded with fibroblasts with reasonable viability, growth and proliferation.
Materials and methods: In this study, fibrin membrane was prepared by the use of human fresh frozen plasma. Fibroblasts were isolated from Rat skin explant by primary culture and were stained by CM-Dil fluorescent dye. Then, fluorescent cells were seeded on fibrin membrane.
Results: In this study we observed that fibroblasts have acceptable viability and proliferation on fibrin membrane.
Discussion: According to viability and ability of proliferation on fibrin membrane, this biomaterial can be used as a skin substitute for wound healing.

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