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Chakras’ Energies Deficiencies as the Main Cause of Fatigue during Hemodialysis


Introduction: Fatigue is one of the most frequent complaints  of dialysis patients and is associated with impaired health- related quality of life. The prevalence of fatigue ranges from 60% to 97% in patients with renal replacement therapy and 94% of hemodialysis patients endorsed a willingness to undergo more frequent dialysis if there would be an associated increase in energy level.

Purpose: to demonstrate that patients with symptoms of fatigue during hemodialysis has chakras energies deficiencies and the replenishment of these energies is important to treat this fatigue and prevent future events. Methods: one case report 50-years- old woman with chronic renal insufficiency and performing thrice sessions per week of hemodialysis. She was complaining a severe fatigue symptom during and after hemodialysis session that was making her fear to going to the next session. She began auricular acupuncture sessions and the doctor recommended her to perform radiesthesia procedure to analyze the level of energy in each chakra´s energy. Results: the result of this measurement was that she was completely depleted in energy (one out of eight) in all her chakra´s with exception of the seventh that was in the normal level. She began to replenish the chakra´s energy with highly diluted medications according to the theory Constitutional homeopathy of Five Elements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and crystal based medications. After one week of in taking the medications and maintaining the auricular acupuncture treatment associating with moxibustion, the patient never had again the fatigue symptoms after hemodialysis treatment. 

Conclusion: The conclusion of this study is that patients with chronic fatigue after hemodialysis session should be evaluated in the energy level, measuring the chakra´s energy meridians. The replenishment of these lack of energy is an important tool in the treatment of this condition and prevention of future fatigue events during hemodialysis session.

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