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Challenges behind Sweets. Determination of Carbohydrates in Food and Beverages

Carbohydrates stay one of the foremost challenging biomolecules to analyze; the exceptionally basic heterogeneity of glycans that gives them such curiously natural and materials properties too renders them troublesome to accomplish in immaculate frame. Not at all like peptides, carbohydrates shift more based on contrasts within the spatial introductions of iotas than on contrasts in utilitarian bunches. “Carbohydrates present a challenge when separating them by liquid chromatography because they are extremely polar and or partly ionic. They have many similar structures in which single members differ only in a position and/or the orientation of a Hydroxyl group (- OH). Carbohydrates contain no Chromophore this makes detecting them by the most common detector used in liquid chromatography (UV) difficult unless derivatised. Also when analyzing carbohydrates they are not present in simple water matrices – they usually need to be monitored in food samples, biological matrices or attached to other molecules such as Challenges behind sweets. Determination of carbohydrates in food and beverages glycoprotein's or glycolipids. Therefore choosing a liquid separation mechanism and detection mode for the analysis of carbohydrates is critical when developing methodologies in the matrices they are often found in.

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