Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control

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Changes in Incidence of Infectious Diseases in China under the Prevention and Control Measures of COVID-19

The aim of this study was to analyse the modifications in incidence of notifiable infectious diseases in China under the prevention and control measures of COVID-19. Since the end of 2019, the Coronavirus disorder 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic has swept the world. Countries around the world have adopted distinctive defensive measures, and the situation and evolution of the epidemic range from country to country. To contain COVID-19 in China, neighbourhood governments took preventive measures quickly. Under a variety of effective prevention and manipulate measures, the epidemic spread in China used to be essentially managed in simply over two months. The prevention and control was a big success. The white paper “Fighting COVID-19: China in Action” divides China’s anti-COVID-19 system and measures into 5 stages. Under the on-going prevention and manage phase, the situation of COVID-19 in China is usually secure and controllable, with sporadic instances in some regions.

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