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Characterization of a Soursop Population (Annona muricata) from the Central Region of Ecuadorian Littoral Using ISSR Markers

Soursop (Annona muricata L.) is a subtropical fruit tree very desirable for the flavor of its fruit and its nutritional value. In Ecuador, this fruit species grows endemically in the south of Manabí. For this reason the aim of this research was to characterize molecularly a population of 60 individuals distributed in four counties (Jipijapa, Pajan, 24 de Mayo and Olmedo) of this province. Plant DNA was extracted and amplified using 8 ISSR molecular markers. All the markers were informative; however, ISSR 824 and ISSR 873 stood out because they obtained the highest PIC value (0.29). Four groups were formed, with group 2 involving the largest number of individuals, including the entire population of Jipijapa and the highest proportion of the population of 24 de Mayo. Results showed a moderate genetic variability of the study population. This research provides information on the diversity of A. muricata in order to promote future advances in fruit breeding in Ecuador.

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