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Characterization of Patients Assessed in Community Mental Health Clinics in a North- Western Canadian Municipal Region: Patient Profile, Sex Differences, and Follow-Up Referral

Aims: To characterize the sex-specific differences in the demographic and clinical profile as well as psychiatric antecedents, and follow-up referral for new outpatient psychiatric patients in Fort McMurray. Methods: Information on a new patient data assessment tool was compiled as part of a clinical audit process between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2014. Results: Overall, 677 patients were assessed over the 12 month period, comprising 261 (38.6%) males. The mean age for all the patients was 35.67 (SD=13.02). There were statistically significant differences between male and female patients in respect of all the demographic and social characteristics as well as psychiatric antecedents. 249 (36.8%) patients had primary Depressive disorders. With odds ratios ranging between 4.02 and 7.11, outpatients diagnosed with substance related disorders, personality disorders and trauma/stressor related disorders were about 4.5, 5.5, and 7 times respectively less likely to be offered follow-up appointments after their initial assessments compared to patients who had a primary depressive disorder controlling for other variables in a logistic regression model. Conclusion: By better understanding the outpatient profile and their clinical background, we are able to better understand the potential antecedents associated with greater need for quality psychiatric services.

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