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Clinical effectiveness to use of peritoneal dialysis in children with ARF after surgical correction of congenital heart defects

The purpose of research - determine the clinical efficacy of peritoneal dialysis (PD) in children with acute renal failure after correction of complex congenital heart disease (CHD). Methods - examined 52 patients aged 1 month. up to 4 years on the background with ARF after cardiac surgical correction of CHD, who were selected in 2 groups: group 1 - 30 children without PD, 2nd group - 28 children with PD. Children with oligoanuria in both groups conducted diagnostic tests of blood levels of urea and creatinine determination of creatinine clearance and urea clearance, echocardiography-control study to determine the hemodynamic status, determining the gas composition, and acid-base balance of blood electrolytes before and after intensive therapy (group 1), using PD (group 2). Results: In group 1, the level of azotemia (creatinine clearance and urea clearance) persisted for more than 7 days, while in group 2, normalization of urea and creatinine clearance was observed even on the 4th day. Improvement of hemodynamic parameters (heart preload reduction by 22%) was observed in group 2. Improved gas exchange in lung function observed in the 2nd group.

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