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Clinical Usefulness of Flash Glucose Monitoring System in Dogs with Diabetes Mellitus

A new flash glucose monitoring system (FGMS) for human has been developed recently. In the FGMS, glucose concentration in the interstitial fluid is measured for 14 days continuously by inserting a dedicated sensor subcutaneously. Although it is a device developed for human medicine, it has been reported that it can be used to measure glucose concentrations in dogs as well. The purpose of this study was to summarize the course of use of FGMS in dogs diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (DM). Four dogs diagnosed with DM were included in this study. For each case, the start of the trial was done under hospitalization, and a sensor was installed during hospitalization. In addition to the use of FGMS, blood samples were collected for measurement of blood glucose levels. The glucose concentration in the blood was compared with that in the interstitial fluid measured by FGMS. All cases were discharged with sensors installed, and measurement by FGMS was continued at home. There was a very strong correlation between blood glucose level and glucose concentration measured by FGMS. In 2 of the 4 cases, insulin dosage was changed based on the results of FGMS, which led to stable blood glucose control. In the remaining 2 cases, FGMS confirmed that blood glucose levels could be well controlled. Although further investigation is necessary for the installation location, the clinical usefulness of FGMS in dogs with DM was proven by this case series. 

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