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Clinical utility of circulating tumour DNA among patients with lymphoma

Lymphoma has been described as the most common haematological malignancy (Chetan et al., 2014) world-wide. In Nigeria precise frequency of cancers, generally, is difficult, owing to the health-seeking behavior of many patients that is oriented toward alternative traditional medicine with attendant loss of data. Nevertheless, in a hospital-based study in Zaria, demonstrated that lymphoma ranked 5th in the list of all histologically-diagnosed cancers in Zaria (Rafindadi et al 2016). It has been shown that liquid biopsies of ct DNA can be effective when needle biopsies prove difficult, e.g. in isolated central nervous system disease or mediastinal diseases (Roschewski M et al., 2015, Kurtz et al 2015, Wang et al., 2015).

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