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Colony and Ethological Dynamics Assessment of Macaca mulatta in Ayubia National Park, Pakistan

Monkey ethology involve 4 main branches; evolutionary history, development, stimulus control and adaptive function which areprone to changes due to variation from the sources. This assessment was undertaken to investigate free range monkeys ’ ethology and design/develop a model behavioral changes pattern using Macaca mulatta ’ s data collected between June and October 2013 at Ayubia National Park (latitude 34° 00' 48" and 34° 06' 23" N; longitude 73° 22' 54" and 73° 27' 15"), Pakistan. Group size and behavioural data were obtained through survey and scan sampling and analysed using descriptive, non-parametric statistics and auto-regression model analysis. The auto regressive model produced the residual sum of 1.18 × 10-15 indicating a very high level of predictability and an apparent dynamic nature of the rhesus monkey grouping.

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