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Combination Effect of Seed Coating Insecticide with Seed Enhancement and Seed Adhesion Products against Delia Flavibasis on Malt Barley in Bale Highlands of South-Eastern Ethiopia

A seed dressing insecticide with plant growth enhancement and adhesion product substance trial was conducted on Barley shoot fly, Delia Flavibasis at Highlands of Bale South-Eastern Ethiopia of 2015 in Maher season (August-December) at two locations in Sinana Agricultural Research Center (SARC) on main research station and on-farm (selka) level. Seed coating insecticide (Dynamic 400 FS) with plant growth enhancement (DISCO™ AG Red L-432) and seed adhesion substance (Disco AG Red L-256) were evaluated through treatment combinations on a malt barley susceptible “Holker” cultivar. The treatments were laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) replicated three times in the plot size of 25 m2. The result of this experiment was indicated that Dynamic 400 FS + Disco and Dynamic 400 FS + DISCO™ AG Red L-432 + Disc treatments were showed the superior response on parameter estimated. The Daynamic 400 FS at 600 ml/100 kg seed, Genius Coat at 500 ml/100 kg seed and Disco at 300 ml/kg seed combination were recommended from the present study for stimulating the grain yield advantage and minimum level of barley shoot fly damage in malt barley for mid to highlands of Bale and elsewhere of barley production areas in Ethiopia.

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